Office - Accessories and practical help

Usually we pencil pushers spend more time at our desk than at any other location – and that also every single day. Doesn’t it therefore make especially sense to design exactly this place as convenient as possible? We definitely think that it does make sense and hereby deliver in the category “office” our humble contribution for the improvement of our working environment.

Office accessories - Working in style

All of our office accessories are completely made in Germany and significantly by hand. In each of our products there are handpicked materials and a lot of our and partner manufactories brain power. Through the close connection and the steady exchange we are able to realize office accessories, which are not ordinary but therefore might be individualised.

From finest real leather caresses hand and mouse and gives pleasure with each single click.

Desk Pad
Maybe “old fashioned”, but very fashionably and therefore creates space for ideas, creative outpourings or black holes. This is an office accessory from finest leather that definitely creates order

For the piles of paperwork on your desk, the team meeting, the out of the office appointment… always the right underlay, that securely holds everything.

With lines and blank for the big as well as small ideas of everyday life, for remembering and forgetting – like this everything stays in black and white and can also be destroyed if necessary.

Tobago Dock
It simply offers space for everything, the tablet as well as your colleagues caring letters, post cards and business cards, your favourite pen and your smartphone anyway. All in all it is an office accessory that should not be missing from any desk.

Office accessories – Comfortable on your way

Each of these accessories is portable and flexible – it may be carried from desk to desk and creates a beautiful basis in every surrounding in which you happily return.