iPhone 14 Plus

The best accessories for your iPhone 14 Plus - Cases, Folios, Bumpers & Wallets made of vegetable tanned leather and wool felt, handmade in Germany.

We see ourselves as a quiet company. Less talking, more doing. But if you don't shout out to the world why you're launching the best damn iPhone 14 Plus accessory ever, it can't improve Wet either. For us, since day 1 (that was 11/11/2010 to be exact), the following parameters are binding:

1. Quality & sustainability

For our iPhone 14 Plus Cases, Bags, Folios, Sleeves and Wallets we do not compromise. For us, this means outstanding, sustainable materials that are manufactured with care and by hand in our local manufactories. This creates unique items that become absolute companions for life and make reaching for the iPhone 14 Plus enjoyable every time.

2. Fair pricing

We only sell our iPhone 14 Plus protective cases directly to you. We don't have any distributors in between to artificially drive up the margins. So we are able to offer a premium product for iPhone 14 Plus at a realistic price.

3. Service

Fast & climate neutral shipping, the possibility to personalize each iPhone 14 Plus leather case by embossing and competent service for questions or requests.

With these 3 points we summarize what makes us and of course there are so many little points in between that make our iPhone 14 Plus accessories so unique. Authentic. Fair. Sustainable. Coupled with a quality that is second to none.

For a better today and a sustainable tomorrow.