iPad Air 10.9-inch sleeves

iPad Air 10.9-inch sleeves from finest leather

Our customers have the opportunity to decide between three variations when it comes to our iPad Air 2022 & 2020 sleeves. Besides our classic and bestseller, the sleeve from high quality leather and wool felt, we also offer our customers an iPad Air 10.9" sleeve with zip closure, which offers besides the good protection also additional space for accessories. Therefore our customers may decide completely according to their taste when it comes to our iPad Air sleeves since the quality of our iPad Air 10.9-inch sleeves will always have highest priority. And that is something you can also feel.

Our iPad Air 10.9-inch sleeves - slim and elegant with highest protection

We produce our iPad Air 2022 & 2020 sleeves as slim as possible and as thick as needed. Therefore our covers from stable leather do not only guarantee highest protection but furthermore can easily and elegantly be transported. The leather caresses your hand and conveys its quality and value already with the first touch.

Apples design language continued with our iPad Air 10.9" sleeves

We did not want to hide the smooth forms of the iPad Air 2022 & 2020 with our leather covers but more than that support them. Due to this reason we only use the finest materials, which do not only protect the gadget, but more than are especially easy brought into shape. Therefore our iPad Air 10.9" sleeves are real pieces of design, which support the high quality technology on the inside. Our high demands in terms of quality and manufacturing can be experienced by our customers with each touch.

Customize your iPad Air 2022 & 2020 sleeve

Due to the used materials and the processing by hand our iPad Air sleeves are already truly unique. Thanks to the modern embossing and laser technology you will additionally have the opportunity to have your iPad Air 10.9-inch sleeve personalized according to your wishes. Whether it will be simply your name, your logo or motto: we finish your iPad Air sleeve complete customized for you.

Best materials for our iPad Air 10.9-inch sleeves

Already the combination of function, material and design make our 2022 & 2020 iPad Air sleeves truly unique. We thereby only resort to high quality stable leather, which conveys our customers a feeling of stability and comfort already with the first touch. The wool felt on the inside on the other hand due its properties ideally protects the iPad Air while being moisture repellent and flame retardant.

iPad Air 10.9" sleeves from a transparent production chain.

We, the makers of germanmade., produce our iPad Air sleeves always at selected partners respectively in our own manufactories. The leather is usually processed in our manufactories at Apolda or Solingen, while our sleeves of our m.4 series for example are exclusively produced in Düsseldorf and also only on demand. Our customers will always receive a product from German production and manual work when ordering one of our iPad Air sleeves.