iPad Air

iPad Air products at a glance - cases, wallets, sleeves and docking stations

There are so many iPad Air products. Why germanmade.? Because you are interested in a sustainable production cycle. Because we thought about three relevant parameters which honour a perfect iPad Air product.

Function * Design * Material

The result: Eight sustainable, fair produced and functional products for your iPad Air – handmade in Germany.

8 x iPad Air products

Slim package
The g.1 iPad Air Case is the classic in a book look style. The iPad Air is safely stored and however accessible for all important functions.

Space for iPad and iPhone
One case and you have everything you need for the next meeting - iPad Air, iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, business card and pens, all the time and directly underneath your tablet. The g.2 iPad Air case is the business variation you need.

In cooperation with various artists, special editions for your Pad Air Design cases are designed. Limited edition and with a collector’s value.

We sleeve you well
The iPad Air sleeve envelops your gadget safely in leather and felt. It has a perfect feel, charming to the hand. It is impact-, water- and temperature-resistant.

Design pure
Das m.4 iPad Air Sleeve is the eye catcher you want. Real calf leather, 4 mm - a product people will talk about. Engrave your name in this very special iPad Air Sleeve and become one thing – a unicum.

Hang it around
The matching strap gives the m.4 iPad Air Sleeve the particularity we want. Hook it up, hang it around and let’s go.

A sleeve for more
The ZIP Sleeve is not only a sleeve for your iPad Air. There is more space – for your iPad Air accessories, your iPhone, paper and pen.

Our docking station decorates every desk and invites your iPad Air to stay a while. That’s the way your iPad Air get’s new energy – positioned in the germanmade. docking station.

You want to know more? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email. info@germanmadepunkt.de