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Bags snd accessories - don’t do things by halves

What we are looking for is the best combination of material, function and design. A symbiosis of these three aspects that lead to a product for your entire life.
Bags, which pleases your needs.
Wallets, which are functional, thin and simply beautiful.
Key Chains, which you will find in every bag – no matter how big.
A Mousepad, which does not only feel but smells good as well.
A docking station, which links tradition and modernity.
germanmade. is not only about designing products. Our philosophy is to link sustainability, handcraft, pure design, function and the best material we could find for our purposes – real leather and felt.

Personalize my accessorie please

We do not only design products crafted in Germany. What we offer is your chance to personalize every accessory, as the Purses you are buying at our place. Engraving is done by Jan – he will be happy to burn your name, company’s logo or a personal drawing into an iPhone sleeve or case. Embossing is done at our bookbinder’s place, just around our corner. That is how each of our accessories becomes a real eye catcher.

Leather and felt – a history

Vegetal tanned; our premium leather is well selected and composed in various steps. Each skin is different; therefore it is more than normal that the leather we use varies as well. You will find little pits or irregularities as this material has its own structure and character.
After being tanned, the leather is roughened and processed with special oil. This oil leads to the soft look & feel of all germanmade. design products. The calf-leather used is from highest quality and gets a wonderful patina while using your design product. With age these accessories are getting more beautiful, just like you. If you want to attend your leather design products you can use an ointment or wax. Just rub it into the products and be patient. Quality and joy guaranteed.
Besides our leather we are very proud to work with felt. This material has a lot of natural characteristics, which are just perfect for our purposes – temperature-resistant, not flammable, and water-resistant. A real all-rounder.

And that is where our accessories come from

The germanmade. network spans the whole country. All design products with leather are crafted in the German manufactory in Apolda. It’s Ingo and his ladies who select, sew and compose the germanmade. sleeves and bags. That way we would like to say thanks to these German manufactories.
Our key chains and Mousepads are made by our neighbours. A little manufactory in Düsseldorf named Zaunkönig, which means wren. Jan and his wife are engraving your name, company’s logo or personal drawing into our design products.
Summary: Accessories, high quality, real people and 100% made in Germany.

You want to know more? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email.