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iPhone 13 Pro Leather Cases, Folios Leather, Wallets, Bio Cases & Mini Bag - individual & handmade protection from sustainable materials for your iPhone

Every year, the release of the new iPhone generation is a fixed date for all Apple disciples. No other company knows how to stage its products in the form and create a real hype that grips people around the world every year anew. And this has been the case for 14 years now. For almost 1.5 decades, we have been excitedly listening to the superlatives with which Steve Jobs and Tim Cook announce the smartphones of the year. For almost as long, we have been producing the corresponding protection for iPhone & Co. In doing so, we have always followed our claim to design the best accessories for the iPhone, our customers and our environment.

The leather folio iPhone 13 Pro

Our favorite. There are flip open cases and there is our Leather Folio for the Phone 13 Pro. What makes it stand out from the crowd of protective cases for their gadget of choice, we have summarized in 5 points:>

We focus on handwork. Each leather case is made by experienced bag makers in our manufactory in NRW and with attention to detail. So for us it is 45 minutes drive to pick up our orders directly from the producer. Local & Fair thus applies in the truest sense.

At the beginning of our journey with germanmade. we put a lot of effort into finding the perfect material that represents an essential key item of our collections. Our choice quickly fell on the material leather, as it is simply still unrivaled in terms of durability and value. It was clear to us from the first moment that we will work exclusively with vegetable tanned leather, whose naturalness shows the history of each leather skin as well as the patina of its user.

Each folio is modular, so that wear elements such as bumpers or Nano Buttonbei can be replaced if necessary. So no new case must be purchased, but only the individual elements can be recycled. It is even conceivable that cherished leather cases can be used for an iPhone of the next generation by adapting the camera cutout (unfortunately only larger) and inserting the corresponding bumper.

The nano buttons that connect the iPhone and the bumper to the case can also be renewed. But beware - it is enough in the first step to clean the button with a damp cloth (without detergent). After drying, the suction is restored.

Bio Case: The bumper used is not made by us, but comes from the Far East, because we can not get a comparable product from German or European production. However, the advantages of the iPhone 13 Pro Cases made from wheat and corn starch outweigh so much that the long shipping route is justified, because it is 100% compostable and thus without question the alternative to plastic or silicone cases.

g.4 iPhone 13 Pro leather case:

Do you like the feeling of having the iPhone 13 Pro naked in your hand? And yet it should be well protected in the meantime. Then our leather case is the right protection for you. Made of vegetable tanned leather, lined with natural wool felt, this case offers the best protection for your iPhone 13 Pro when it is not in your hand. Of course our vegetable tanned leather, tried and tested for over a decade, is used again in combination with natural wool felt. Stick tot he good.

g.5 Wallet for iPhone 13 Pro:

The Folio Wallet is an all-rounder that not only functions as a stylish wallet, but also offers space for the iPhone 13 Pro with its AMOLED display. Simply open it and access it. At the same time, all important cards can be stowed away and bills can be stored in the second slot. As simple as it is convincing. Perfect Match.

Bio Case iPhone 13 Pro:

You do not want to go without a bumper? Narrow & little build up, it offers complete all-around protection and therefore reduces many bumps. Even though the Ceramic Shield display used in the iPhone 13 Pro already promises protection, we feel better protecting our expensive smartphone from damage beyond that.

Despite this, plastic and silicone are yesterday's news and compostable cases are today's. Matching the new design of the current iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 series, here are 4 colors for you to choose from.

Mini Bag for iPhone 13 Pro

Unique. Elegant. Mini. It's not bulky, it's beautiful, and it has room for everything we need when it comes to everyday life. iPhone 13 Pro, a slim wallet, keys, and lip balm stow safely in the Micro Bag, but we can even double it if needed by simply docking the identical counterpart. We are completely in love with the evolution of our L'etoile pouch.

Customize your own iPhone 13 Pro case

In addition to the color and combination options of our iPhone 13 Pro products, which already offer our customers an exceptional level of co-design, you also have the option to customize your germanmade. Product through an embossing or engraving to make it absolutely unique. Thereby, their creativity is only the limits of space, everything else eir gladly make possible for them.

Please note that individualized products are excluded from the revocation.