iPhone XS cases


The iPhone 10 has already revolutionized the market in 2017. The new iPhone XS is now even faster and better and sets new standards for all smartphone manufacturers. It goes without saying that such a special DECADE EDITION with rimless display also seeks special protection.

With us you are spoiled for choice. We from germanmade. not only make custom leather covers for Apple's new iPhone, but also iPhone X Cases. In addition, we offer the handmade iPhone 10 accessories in different variants. Since the decision can be very difficult. Our cases are made of high-quality, vegetable-tanned cowhide or hard-wearing book cloths. In colorful or in natural tones - here you have the choice. Whichever you choose, the perfect and special case or accessory for Apple's iPhone XS can definitely be found here.

Please note: Since the size and design of the iPhone XS 2018 has not changed from its predecessor from 2017, we summarize our portfolio here for the sake of simplicity. iPhone X cases remain iPhone XS cases, for the versions of 2017 and 2018.


Admittedly, the offer on the net for cheap cases for the iPhone XS is huge... not to say massive - and made in China. If you are looking for this kind of iPhone case in this shop, you will not find it. Because our cases are designed and manufactured in the beautiful Rhineland and in Thuringia. 100% handmade. For the production of the cases, only vegetable-tanned leather or traditional book linen impregnated in natural resin is used. We manufacture most of our products in advance and individualize them when required, but our new iPhone XS case, we manufacture to order. Absolutely unique, a real one-of-a-kind and 100% made in Germany.


Since 2018 germanmade. has a minimalist, elegant case made of vegetable tanned leather in the portfolio. So slim and sexy it hits here. The iPhone XS Case is as minimal as possible and protects to the max.


Our g.case is already a well-known part of the germanmade. family and is highly expected by our regular customers when Apple announces a new iPhone. Since the iPhone 6 in use, the leather case has proven itself several times. Crafted from a piece of vegetable-tanned cowhide, this leather case offers space for Apple's iPhone XS, storage space for at least 3 and up to 9 cards, documents and more. If you use the g.case, you usually do not need a wallet anymore, because everything fits in there, what you need in everyday life. The iPhone XS 2018 is held as if by magic. You do not have to trust it, you just have to be open to the latest technology, because that's what our Magic mount is about. It is a strong foil that consists of thousands of small suction cups, which keeps your iPhone safely in the case and leaves it without residue. Whereby there will hardly be a reason, if you can accommodate everything in the leather case. However, if you have to do it and feel that the suction power of the nanofoil is just not that strong, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and used after the drying process again to 100%. We deliver the g.acse with an additional bumper for iPhone XS, for those who prefer to play safe.


For our new Slim case iPhone XS are exactly three words: Sexy, slim, smart. These three words describe the stable and at the same time very slim and light case exactly. However, the idea is not new. Here we go back to old-time. Because such a case, only in large, is already in use for the iPad Pro 10.5 "and has already proven itself many times. Because it is almost obvious that we can also convert this idea to the edgeless iPhone XS and thus ensures the greatest possible freedom of use. The special feature of our slim case is not only the reduced design and the ease of use, it is also its robustness with a yet very light weight. Its stability is retained by a Z-cardboard, which is particularly thin, but retains its hold. Similar to the Smart Cover from Apple, it is flat, but stable. It not only protects the iPhone XS display from scratches and bumps, but also protects its back. The iPhone can be operated immediately by an easy flip-flop and also offers an optimal installation function, for working on the iPhone or for an optimal surfing, watching movies and more. The iPhone XS 2018 Slim Case is available in leather at the outer side and inside with English Buckram, or as a complete booklinen version. The advantages of English Buckram is not only the color variety, but above all also its durability. Paired with velvet-soft, vegetable tanned cow leather simply a beautiful combination. As you are used to from germanmade., you are spoiled for choice and can choose the color combinations freely. There is something for every taste. The iPhone XS 2018 is held as with our g.case by means of intelligent nanofilm. Such a full-display can not easily be stored in a bumper and wants to be fully operated. No problem with nano technology. Simply remove the transparent protective film that sticks to the nanofilm, place the iPhone XS up-close and press firmly on the iPhone. Sucked, steady, loose.


An old-established classic and very popular model, is our g.5 wallet. The stylish yet very practical iPhone XS case features thought-out features, reduced design and carefully chosen materials. In addition to a velvety soft and bumpy space for your iPhone XS, the wallet offers storage space for up to 16 ID- and credit cards, bank notes and more. Its ease-of-use, multi-functional and convices with an elegant design, ensuring a long lasting joy of use.
Our iPhone XS bag is made from one piece of vegetable tanned and very soft, but sturdy cow leather. The inside oft he g.5 iPhone XS wallet is lined with natural wool felt, from one of the last genuine wool felt manufactures from Germany. By the way - wool felt has many positive qualities. It not only protects and embeds the iPhone XS softly, it also regulates temperature fluctuations and absorbs moisture.


An iPhone XS Case by germanmade. will quickly become your own unique. This is due to the various choices you can make, material, colors and styles. And the high quality leather we use for our iPhone XS cases quickly develop its own patina, as a result oft he users behavior.
Why don't you add an individual embossing or engraving? Whether initials, your motto, favorite word or simply your name. Again, you have the choice and creative freedom that is limited only by the space on the product. Here you can find some examples of our embossings and engravings


What is missing in our portfolio? Are you looking for a color that is not included in the standard offer? Would you like to have a picture engraved on the iPhone XS case and do not know if the resolution of the file is printable and the space is sufficient? Would you like a single product? Are you looking for a special gift? Are you an entrepreneur and looking for gifts for your employees or customers with your company logo and a special message? Just talk to us: info@germanmadepunkt.de