iPad Pro 12.9-inch

12.9-inch iPad Pro (2020) products: Sleeves, cases and bags

An exceptional tablet requires exceptional protection. Our iPad Pro products are stylish companions, protectors and flatterers in one. The rumors about a 12 or 13 inch device from Cupertino have been around for years and now it's finally here - the iPad Pro 12.9 screen size. So it's time to put our gathered know-how into covers, bags and other products. Et voilà ...

Design and function- only the best for the iPad Pro

People who already had the pleasure of protecting another iPhone gadget with a germanmade.-product, know of our love for each detail and for mobile devices.

iPad Pro Sleeve- just open and close. The sleeve made from leather is the perfect protection for your iPad Pro if you like it minimalistic and functional. It protects the tablet from frequent scratches, dirt and impacts. Smooth, vegetable tanned cowhide on the outside, soft and cozy wool felt on the inside. The iPad Pro receives the royal treatment.
Our iPad Pro sleeve is practical and easy to use, simply open the fastening flap and pull it out. Quick access guaranteed, so you are ready for action straightaway. Obviously the charging function is easily accessible, too.

ZIP sleeve- clean and simple. The puristic and well thought-out sleeve offers space for the iPad Pro. In addition you can store the charger, touch pen, iPhone and other utensils. A true allrounder who fiercely protects its content. The zip can be opened from both sides and thus its gadgets can easily removed. The separate inner pocket is equally flexible and removable. The clever cut allows the depth of the sleeve to adapt. The ZIP sleeve: Simply a class apart from other zip sleeves. A true eye catcher made from 100% leather. And in the evening you can even use the sleeve as a smart clutch.

DIN bag- sleeve and bag in one. Vegetable tanned leather and a stainless steel zip: A practical leather bag which only needs two ingredients is a true beauty to behold. It takes that little to craft the perfect bag for iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPhone, MacBook and/or many other utensils.

ZIP bag- the ultimate pinnacle This bag is the logical addition to the minimalistic DIN bag and meets further requirements. The inside intrigues with felt pockets offering room for all important gadgets in addition to the iPad Pro, well protected behind the zip. If you need that bit of extra then the ZIP Bag is the right iPad Pro product.

Tobago Dock. A new order for your desk. The wooden docking station adds style to every work space- the Tobago Dock is an allrounder with enough space for an iPad Pro, iPhone, papers, cards and a pen. The dock is available in pear, oak or walnut, milled from a piece of solid wood and is then polished by hand. The iPad Pro fits vertically and horizontally in the docking station and can be charged anytime. But attention- the dock does not have an integrated charging function.

Meticulous material selection for the iPad Pro products

The art of compromise can be a useful talent. However, regarding the ingredients of our iPad Pro products, compromises are simply not acceptable. We are spending a lot of time on our careful search for the perfect leather, the right felt, zip, yarn and types of wood- nothing is left to chance. Tried and tested. Thus products are created which exceed the quality and durability of the gadgets they are protecting. And will give joy day after day, each time you take them into your hand.

Made in Germany- iPad Pro products with soul

It is evident that germanmade. products stand out due their meticulous design and carefully selected materials. Our sleeves and bags are already little unicorns in the commercial product world. But that still isn't enough for us - we craft every single product by hand and manufacture them in the amazing companies of our home country Germany. We don't ship stuff across the globe unnecessarily. We get on very well with our partners and are proud to say we are a kind of family.
All of this and more ensures that our iPad Pro products are something special. germanmade.- products with soul and a little bit of magic. Full stop.