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Unfortunately exceptional gift ideas only rarely come to you in your sleep. Whether for Easter, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, wedding anniversary or any anniversary. It should be special. An exceptional gift, which can be enjoyed for a long time. We can help you with this and have put together a selection of our range in our "Gift Ideas" section, where you will definitely find a suitable gift.

Each of our products can also be engraved or embossed with your name or date of choice or favourite word and will thus become a really personal and special gift.


There may be some presents wrapped in glittering packaging laid out on the gift table, but unfortunately they often do not cause the desired sparkle in the eyes of your loved ones. We have come up with some special ideas for you which will guarantee those sparkling eyes.

Our gift ideas for you:


The search for the perfect gift has driven many to despair. Ideally, special wishes should be noted all year round. Easier said than done. However, shortly before the particular event, the quest for the perfect gift idea comes back to haunt you again. Lots of things have to be taken into account.

Many criteria have to be taken into account. To whom would you like to give a present? How much should it cost? Is it useful? Then there are your own demands. It should be exceptional, not ordinary or disposable. Don't worry. You have come to right place. We offer unique presents with an exquisite, personal charm, lots of attention to detail and character.

We have summarised our gift ideas to make the choice even easier for you. Hopefully this will help a bit.




How about our notebook? Mum could record one of her famous recipes as well as her yoga dates. Dad should also enjoy it because it offers so many different modules that it should definitely fit. Whether as a calendar, address book or notebook set. Our is a trustworthy, lifelong companion, which only becomes more beautiful with age, can be updated at any time and always gives pleasure. With a personal message engraved or embossed, it ensures that desired sparkle in theggr eyes.

Or did your parents arrive in the digital age already and all thoughts, ideas and appointments are stored on the iPad? Then our sleeves and cases are surely the perfect present guaranteeing happy faces and a real appreciation for the product.

Handmade in Germany and made from birch complex, our iPad cases are not only stylish presents but also life long companions. The iPad cases can be personalised if you want to make the present even more special.


Another perfume or aftershave is becoming a bit boring. Therefore we have assembled the perfect gift ideas for you. We all know her, the granny who always has a little change at the ready to secretly pass on to her beloved grandchildren. Our L'etoile Etui is the ideal present to keep the change in a safe and stylish place.

It is simple to use and offers a lot of storage without any frills. Grandpa might like our Slim Wallet. It is a super slim wallet for men that can be stored in a breast pocket and offers enough room for notes and credit cards. It is also possible to engrave or emboss 'Thank you Granny' or 'Thank you Grandpa' on any of these products.


This year we don't give each other anything. You may have just purchased a car, a new sofa etc and are not exactly flush. However, what would life be without  some beautiful presents. That's why you are looking for the perfect gift idea. It should be something really special. And oh well, why not something bigger this time? Your beloved just got a promotion or may have been looking for a suitable bag for a while that also fits her or his laptop or iPad.

We recommend our DIN BAG and ZIP BAG. These bags are made from high quality, soft cow hide and were lovingly manufactured by hand in Germany. The leather is vegetable tanned and thus reflects the originality of the product. A quality product that will be a life long companion for sure. We could even engrave or emboss a few personal words and your loved ones' eyes will glow even more.


Is your darling sister constantly looking for her keys at the bottom of her bag? Then the long version of our key ring is the perfect present for her. By customising it with a personal message, you will not only help her to stay calm but also put a big smile on her face. Your brother is a different story though? He has everything and yet another wallet is a bit boring perhaps? How about a proper laptop bag for that little brother of yours? Our ZIP Sleeve offers not only protection but also a lot of room for a note book and iPad (up to 13 inch) as well as a charger, documents etc. Last but not least: it looks rather cool. How often do you find that in a 'man bag'?


..a smartphone sleeve would actually be perfect. If you knew which model they currently own. However, with our g.5 wallet you will always be on the safe side. The smartphone sleeve made from natural wool felt and vegetable tanned leather offers great protection for all smartphones as well as room for credit cards, documents and notes. If you are still not entirely sure though, a gift voucher is an absolutely safe option. We have vouchers from 25 Euro to 100 Euro and if you require another amount, we'll make that happen, too. Just contact us via email. We like to help.

A difficult decision easily done. 

Choices. Choices. Choices. We cannot make the decision for you- BUT we can make it a little bit easier.