Wallet men

Let’s have the cash – our wallet for men

Every germanmade. wallet is made from vegetal tanned leather in Germany. You can feel the quality and diligence of the crafting process each time you will touch this leather wallet. What we offer are different variations of the wallet. Thin and simple, with a money clip or without, coin pocket or not or even as combination for money and smartphone. Each wallet is absolutely well planned and ready to get a new owner.

Slim Fit Wallet – no more bulging pockets

A wallet should be thin, functional and from high quality – a slim fit so to say. We listened to our clients and tried new things and finally we designed our wallets. Leather wallets, made for the modern man. That way spending money will be even more fun.
That’s the way we like it....

The material. Wallets for men made from leather

Every leather we us is vegetal tanned and well chosen. This applies also to our Wallet for men. And we did invest a lot of time in choosing the right material. Material you will associate with naturalness, warmth and downiness but nevertheless gives the structure and strength we need for a well designed wallet. We use real leather. That means the leather we use for our wallets is not spitted or imprinted but can have little irregularities and pits. It is treated with a natural oil. That is how the leather becomes soft as velvet – a typical characteristic of all germanmade. products. With age the leather Wallet gets a wonderful patina and your wallets gets even more beautiful and unique.
Quality and joy are linked and the Wallet does what is says on the tin.

Personalize your wallet please

We do not only design your new wallet but we offer the possibility to personalize this leather accessory by engraving your name, logo or a personal drawing. It’s our bookbinder, which embosses your name into the leather wallet and Jan is our man responsible for engraving. With a personal note on your leather wallet, this accessory will be an eye catcher – that’s for sure.

And that is where the leather wallets come from

We are working with real people, which understand how important good quality is. People understanding our ideas and designs and who are able to transform our ideas into products, handmade in Germany. We do obtain our leather from Frankfurt and Pirmasens, the felt comes from Offingen and every wallet is crafted in Apolda, in the east of Germany.

You want to know more? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email. info@germanmadepunkt.de