Leather case iPhone 11 Pro in dark brown, vintage, black and grey
Leather case iPhone 11 Pro in dark brown, vintage, black and grey
Leather case iPhone 11 Pro in dark brown, vintage, black and grey
Leather case iPhone 11 Pro in dark brown, vintage, black and grey

Leather Case iPhone 11 Pro

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Slim. Sexy. Smart.

Color Outside
  • Earth
  • Vintage
  • Stone



Leather Case iPhone 11 Pro – all facts about the g.case at a glance

  • Perfectly fitting case for iPhone 11 Pro 
  • Offers space everything you may need for everyday life
  • The iPhone 11 Pro case is protective cover and wallet in one
  • Made of vegetable tanned leather - premium quality
  • Lining in high quality, RED suede
  • Provides camera recess
  • Integrated Silicon bumper on Gekko-foil ensures absolutely secure hold
  • High quality velor interior for extra protection of the iPhone 11 Pro
  • 4 compartments for up to 6 ID and credit cards
  • Side pocket for bills, papers and receipts
  • iPhone 11 Pro case leather can be personalized by embossing
  • Handmade in Germany

iPhone 11 Pro case – dimensions

Dimensions unfolded: W 6.89“ / H 5.9“/ D 0.31"
Dimensions folded: W 3.35“ / H 5.9“/ D 0.31"
Weight: ca. 2.11 oz

Leather Case iPhone 11 Pro – smart choice of materials

Form follows function. Function follows material. The choice of material is decides on "thumbs up" or "thumbs down". The choice of material is simply decisive for whether or not you like a product. That is why we are not compromising on this point. We use for the germanmade. iPhone 11 Pro case only premium leather - naturally tanned, oiled and caressed. Because we know it makes a difference. You willo notice that the leather is velvety soft in the hand and develops with time an unique patina. It is available in 4 different colors - gray (stone), dark brown (earth), black (night) and camel (vintage).
We took much effort and reseach in answering the question about the perfect hold of the iPhone in the case. In the end, we have just found the right material for the Magic holder of the iPhone 11 Pro case. A strong foil, which with its thousands of small suction cups keeps your iPhone safe in the case and yet can be easily removed and reused. A tip from our lab: If you feel that the suction force is easing, simply clean the adhesive foil with a damp cloth, let it dry and then stick the iPhone 11 Pro back into the g.case. Done!
Real leather is a natural product. There might be slight colour variations since every hide takes up the colour differently.

Leather Case iPhone 11 Pro - personalized

Any germanmade. product will gain more and more individuality by using it, wearing the signs of its user. If you are looking for more than that, we offer the possibility to create an absolute unique piece by laser engraving or embossing. Whether your name, initials, motto or company logo - you decide. We take care of it.

You find first impressions of how to personalize your case here. If you have further questions or need support please contact us. We are always happy to help: info@germanmadepunkt.de

Leather Case iPhone 11 Pro – Gekko foil? How does this work?

More and more products are equipped with the intelligent foil. Especially because we have to react to the innovations of nowadays smartphones. An OLED screen (e.g.) needs a bit more protection, so we use a thin silicone bumper, which we place on the Gekko foil. Simply insert the iPhone 11 Pro into the bumper. Ready to use.
The iPhone 11 Pro can easily be removed from the bumper and inserted again. But also the bumper itself can be solved by the Gekko button. Should the suction decrease a little, just clean the Gekko foil with a moist cloth, let it dry and afterwards place your iPhone 11 Pro in the g.case again. The adhesive force will be fully restored after cleaning.

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