iPad 10.2 leather sleeve night
10.2" iPad protective case with leather and felt flap incl. insertion flap for Apple Pencil
iPad 10.2 leather sleeve night
iPad 10.2 leather sleeve night
10.2" iPad protective case with leather and felt flap incl. insertion flap for Apple Pencil
iPad 10.2 leather sleeve night
10.2" iPad protective case with leather and felt flap incl. insertion flap for Apple Pencil
iPad 10.2 leather sleeve night
iPad 10.2 leather sleeve night
10.2" iPad protective case with leather and felt flap incl. insertion flap for Apple Pencil

iPad 10.2-inch sleeve

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Elegant protection made from leather

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iPad Leather Sleeve - handcrafted from vegetable tanned leather


The leather case is made to fit the 10.2-inch iPad (2021 & 2019) precisely. Like a handmade pair of shoes, the fit is quite tight at the beginning. However, the leather adapts very quickly to the individual use of its owner. This guarantees a perfect fit.


All our products are made from vegetable tanned leather. So no toxic additives like chrome are added in the tanning process. In addition, we use only the top, highest-quality layer of the leather hide and completely refrain from artificially modifying our skins. germanmade. products proudly bear even the small scars and peculiarities that make leather so unique. With use, the leather cover only becomes more beautiful. The processed leather develops a natural patina that bears the marks of its owner. If necessary, you can maintain the leather cover with a high-quality leather grease.

Wool felt for all-round protection

The interior finish of the iPad Leather Case is made of German-made, high-quality and natural wool felt, which not only securely encases the iPhone, but also protects it against external influences, such as water, fire, heat or cold.

FAST ACCESS TO 10.2-inch iPad

The iPad is easy to remove due to the engagement recesses.


The incorporated Velcro closure is of the best quality and holds and holds and holds.

PERSONALIZATION of your 10.2-inch iPad leather sleeve

Through an individual engraving or embossing, the iPhone sleeve gets even more personal touch and is certainly no longer confused. If it should be more than a name, initials or motto, we will be happy to advise you. Make the difference.
How to do this? Here you will find information and suggestions on how to make your iPad leather case unique. Or contact us, we're happy to help: info@germanmadepunkt.de

According to their wishes, we make an absolutely unique iPad leather case with a custom embossing.

The blind embossing is done in the font "HELVETICA". The text to be embossed can be a maximum of 15 characters long and will be embossed on the outside of the 10.2" iPad cover 'bottom center'. Your processing time will be extended by 1-4 days.


We will emboss exactly according to your data. Please pay close attention to upper/lower case and spaces. If possible, do not use special characters, as not all are available in our fonts.

Unfortunately, articles with individual embossing can no longer be returned.


All materials, yarns used or closures are hand-selected by us in Germany. Also the manufacturing is 100% done by hand and in our manufactory in Solingen, Germany. Our products are not only designed in Germany, but really MADE IN GERMANY. So we support the preservation of local craftsmanship.


We consciously avoid unnecessary packaging. All packaging materials used are made of recycled paper.

We deliver within 1-2 business days via DHL, TNT and UPS. Personalized products will be shipped within 2-4 business days.


Measurements of the iPad 10.2-inch leather sleeve

Measurements: W 7.87" / L 10.63" / D 0.29"

Weight: roughly 8.46 oz.

10.2 iPad leather sleeve- It is all about the material

We are not big on compromises. In particular if it concerns the materials for our sleeves. So we exclusively use high quality, vegetable tanned cowhide and natural wool felt. The striking red seam adds to the unique look of the iPad 10.2-inch leather sleeve. It has an embedded velcro closure that completes the elegant overall picture harmoniously.
Over time, the leather will develop a wonderful, distinct patina reflecting its owner's personality.
Wool felt is a true wonder- it protects and softly embraces the iPad and keeps all external influences at bay. Due to the perfect fusion of felt and leather, not even a drop of a sudden downpour will come near the iPad.
Real leather is a natural product. So slight colour deviations are possible since each skin absorbs colour differently. In addition the leather is vegetable tanned, meaning it is tanned on a plant basis.
Scars and cuts on the animal's skin are part of the real leather used and just add to the authenticity & unique look of the 10.2 Pad cover.

iPad 10.2-inch leather sleeve- customized through embossing

You have decided not only for the best tablet available on the market, but the appropriate equivalent in the form of this germanmade. cover. The perfect symbiosis of technology and tradition. This combination is crowned by the possibility of being an personalized germanmade. iPad sleeve. Via traditional hot stamping or by the latest laser technology. 2 different possibilities, each giving their own iPad 10.2-inch case an elegant and personal touch.

Here  you find impressions and additional information about all the customizing possibilities. If you have any queries, we are always happy to help. Please contact us at info@germanmadepunkt.de

iPad 10.2-inch leather sleeve - represantive advertising

Choosing a corporate gift can be tricky. Quantity often supersedes quality but mass instead of class is definitely not our motto. Dare to be different. Give away quality, enduring pleasure and use this unique advertising medium as the perfect ambassador for your company values. We also offer a whole range of different products your clients would be excited about.

No matter if the order is small or large, we are always happy to help and customize our design to your needs. Talk to us! We will find the perfect solution for you. info@germanmadepunkt.de

1 Reviews

Vielen Dank
Ich wollte mich nochmal melden und DANKE sagen! Die Hüllen sind wirklich SEHR schön! Sie sind sowohl optisch als auch haptisch ein Genuß
By NIna on 01/28/2021

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