1. The story.

Sometimes things are different to the way you expected them to be. germanmade. had not been planned long beforehand. The people behind germanmade. met, developed an idea and got started. Just like that. Because it felt good. With dedication and visions. This happened at the end of 2010. By know they are about 39 steps further. Grown. Matured and hungry for more.

The germanmade.’s enjoy what they are doing. Which is why they are doing it. This is how it was and will remain. The company´s founders are children of the nineties and people of the 21 century. They work in the here and now and have wild ideas for tomorrow which is reflected in each one of their designs. The entire germanmade. network consisting of medium-sized enterprises increases with each new product and spans the country. A cross section from Germany. From tradition to modernity. For unique products. Entirely germanmade..

2. Products with soul for people with heart and mind.

You become acquainted, you feel it click and you decide to set up a business because you feel everything simply fits together. This is the brief history of the company which was founded in November, 2010. Four regular employees take care of design, distribution and coordinate the production of all accessories for smartphone, tablet, laptop and more.

The local team works with medium-sized specialists and craftwork businesses from throughout Germany. The network increases with every new product and spans he whole country. A cross section from German. From tradition to modernity.

germanmade. relies on direct communication, designs that are reduced as far as possible and optimized production. That way sources of detection are minimized and unique and internationally competitive products are created – 100% made in Germany.

Together- discussions are held, developments made and there is a lot of laughter. That way genuine partnerships are formed with enterprises which passionately stand for their handcraft, who take on responsibility and pay fair wages.

This close cooperation and simplicity in process enables additionally direct customer integration on an exceptionally high degree of individualisation. The germanmade.´s enjoy what they are doing. which is why they are doing it. This is how it was and will remain. The company´s founders are children of the nineties and people of the 21 century. They work in the here and now and have wild ideas for tomorrow which is reflected in each one of their designs. For unique products. entirely germanmade.. period

3. Form follows function.

Without forgetting the aesthetic level, it is the unit of design, material and function.

A good design doesn´t live by a good idea alone. It requires knowledge, experience and understanding. An understanding for how materials react and harmonize with each other. How durable they are. How they have to be handled and processed.

But also features like improvisation, form-fanaticism, skill, unbending will and courage are important parameters for a perfect design. Boundaries are tested, materials challenged in order to fulfill the form. The germanmade. designs transport the language of forms of the devices to be protected and support their function.

The design is inseparably connected to the material.

Why wood? Why leather? Why woven felt? Why metal? Why rubber?

Because it is genuine, authentic and it has a history... and because it still offers enough space for an own history.

germanmade. has spent a lot of time to chose the right materials. Materials with which we associate naturalness, warmth and softness but at the same time also structure, clarity and sturdiness.

A wood which is taken from sustainable forestry. A leather that really feels like one. A woven felt which offers both, a hardware as well as philanthropic characteristics. A metal being free of chromium which is suitable for tongues of children. A natural rubber which is recyclable to 100% but which lasts and lasts and lasts.

“Hands“ play an important role in germanmade.´s cosmos. The designs are still drawn by hand. Hand-picked and hand-caressing materials are used. These are significantly processed by hand. In medium-sized craft enterprises in Germany. germanmade. builds on sustainability. Direct paths and short processes save time, money and resources. The hand-picked materials and the direct communication with the customer create unique prints in an extraordinary quality and a long enjoyment of the product. The cooperation with German craft enterprises secures workplaces in professions which are threatened by technological progress.

germanmade. – with heart and mind for clear shapes, natural materials, flawness fabrication and healthy sustainability.

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