We are connected

To real humans.

With whom we think, discuss, develop, laugh and create products. Like this true partnerships arise.

Our partners lead companies which have a lot of passion for their trade. They take responsibility, pay fair wages and resist the outsourcing of labor to low-wage countries.

Honour to whom honour is due...

Buchbinderei Plum

Roland, Saskia and Uta have a tight grip on every cover. They cut, glue, fold and emboss.


Lederatelier Apolda

Ingo, Bettina and Mrs. Kaiser and 40 other hardworking hands give leather a new form. They place, punch, join together and sew.


Anton Lederwaren

Guido and Anke produce small and large orders for B2C and B2B.


Schmidt Werbewerkstatt

Jan gives your products your name. He lasers and burns for every name.

Lederhandwerk Zaunkönig

Maggie and her team place the names on our products. They glue, laser and sew.


Gust Kunstoff- & Spezialartikel

Jürgen produces rubber and therefore connects nature with technology. He forms, sprays and lasers.



Achim and his team are micro millimeter precise. They program, layer, mill and sand.


RB – Bürstenhölzerfabrik

Robert moves borders. From a piece of wood he mills unmistakable unique products. He dries, chooses, mills, sands and oils.

Walter K. Hoppe Schrauben-Großhandlung

Walter in the only one in the whole country with chrome free screws. Safe to lick for curious kids.


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