iPad mini 2 Cases 

Create your own iPad mini 2 cases – Make it unique

Our iPad mini 2 cases offer a considerable scope for your creativity. Choose between material, colour and frame. Our iPad mini 2 cases are either wrapped in high-quality calf leather, artificial leather or traditional book linen. On the inside of our case we always use book linen where a selection of eight different colours is possible. Also when choosing the colour for the frame, you’ll have the choice between black and white surface coating. We manufacture your iPad mini 2 case according to your wishes within 4 working days. And if you desire even a little more individuality, then we can emboss or engrave your name, a logo or your personal motto on your case.

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iPad mini 2 case – Outside traditional. Inside modern

When it comes to the production of our iPad mini 2 cases we put emphasize on traditional craftsmanship. The book look is classic and certainly an eye-catcher. Once you open up the book, you will find an ultramodern technical product whose refinements and usage possibilities were carefully considered during the design process.
The case supports the Sleep-Wake function of the iPad mini 2 und the gadget is directly switched on once you open up the book cover. An intelligent recess in the frame ensures that the sound quality is supported. And all functions of the device are freely accessible.

iPad mini 2 cases – the single pieces come together

germanmade. is a network of many great partners. The ideas come from the germanmade. designers and they are implemented together. So the frames for the iPad mini 2 cases come from Lake Constance. Here our business partner mills every frame accurately exact to the millimetre. In the St. Elisabeth monastery the frames are sanded and cleaned. In Düsseldorf at our bookbinder the covers for the iPad mini 2 cases are made by hand. Frame and cover are screwed together and the product is finished. 100% handmade in Germany.

The iPad mini 2 Case bears my name

There are still many beautiful ways to give the iPad mini 2 cases a personal touch. A name embossing on the outside or inside, blind or in colour. Your life’s motto or you company logo can be burned into the leather. There is something for every taste.

Here you can find first information. If you have further questions, we are happy to answer questions. info@germanmadepunkt.de

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