Sony Tablet Sleeve 

Sony tablet sleeve from leather – Naturally protected

We wrap your Sony tablet in finest leather and therefore protect it from impacts, humidity or changing temperatures. Vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt are the perfect protection for your Sony tablet. We guarantee high quality and best craftsmanship. Our manufactory produces with attention to details each Sony tablet sleeve from leather by hand. You can see it, smell it and feel it!

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Sony tablet sleeves from leather – with heart and reason

The Sony tablet sleeves are 100% made in Germany. For us reliable quality, short distances and direct communication are very important. And our partner-manufactories produce every single product with experience and passion.

Sony tablet sleeves from leather – What are they capable of?

When inside the sleeve your Sony tablet will always stay protected from any dangers which could come from outside. The combination of robust but yet smooth leather protects in a bond with the smooth wool felt your Sony tablet. Especially the felt lining thereby convinces through its excellent properties: it is not only moisture repellent but also absorbs vibrations and protects from heat and cold equally. Design and material of our Sony Tablet sleeves complement each other perfectly. With an easy pull you will get your Sony Tablet always get out of their secure sheathing and then you can use it as usual and work – and at the end of the day you can safely stow it away again.

My Sony tablet sleeves from leather – One personalisation please

Our Sony tablet sleeve already attracts attention to itself. If you additionally would like to have your name, your company logo or your favourite motto embossed or engraved on your ATIV Book 9 900x4d and ATIV Book 9 Lite sleeve, we are happy to realize it for you. At the latest then people will ask you about your leather sleeve. We are capable of even more, is that is what you are looking for. We answer all of your questions and are happy to help along.