A sleeve is a sleeve is a sleeve for your Sony Smartphone.

Once you own a new Sony smartphone you would like to protect you gadget. But there are so many sleeves on the market. What are you decisive parameters for buying your new sleeve? We think there are three relevant aspects.

Function * Design * Material

What we did? Focus on these three aspects and designing new sleeves. For you and your gadget. Good material. Pure design. Functional. There are several variations we would like to present you.

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Our Sony Smartphone sleeves at a glance.

g.2 Sony Smartphone sleeve – For crazy birds.
A sleeve in horizontal format allowing a quick access once your phone rings. This smartphone sleeve fits for the following gadgets: Sony Xperia E, Sony Xperia L or Sony Xperia Miro. A thin front pocket allows space for bills and credit cards.

g.4 Sony Smartphone sleeve - Just pull the strap.
Just pull the strap and you will hold your Sony Xperia Z or Sony Xperia Z1 in your hands. Because of the strap an easy access to your smartphone is guaranteed. A thin front pocket allows you to put your credit card in your sleeve – perfect if you want to go out. Credit card and mobile phone with you – let’s go.

g.5 Sony Smartphone wallet – one for all.
The g.5 sleeve is the perfect combination of wallet and smartphone sleeve. 12 Credit cards, at least, find place in the wallet and your gadget is safely stored as well. Sony Xperia T, Sony Xperia L or Sony Xperia Miro and your cards – one pocket for everything.

Only the best material for your smartphone sleeve.

Design and material are naturally linked. Finding an high quality leather was the most important condition for designing a smartphone sleeve. And we did find the right leather. A leather you will associate naturalness and warmth with but strong enough on the other side to protect your gadget. The wool felt used on the inside provides the additional protection needed. It protects against bounces but also against temperature difference and water as felt is water-resistant. germanmade. only uses the best material for your Sony smartphone.

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