Our Nokia sleeves at a glanc.

Once you have bought a new smartphone, in this case a Nokia Lumia 520, you are looking for the perfect sleeve. A sleeve fitting your character. And with your name engraved the germanmade. sleeve becomes one thing – yours! We thought about three parameters, relevant for your decision.

Function * Design * Material

You will find these three parameters in each of our sleeves. In the one for your Nokia Lumia 520 as well.

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Our sleeve for Nokia smartphones.

g.2 Nokia sleeve – a sleeve for crazy birds.
Our sleeves in horizontal format offers a quick access. It will only take a few seconds from ringing to answering. The g.2 sleeve offers moreover a practical and thin front pocket for credit cards and bills.

g.3 Nokia sleeve – with Velcro.
A classic variation in our portfolio. As miniature from our laptop bags this sleeve is present since the beginning of germanmade. The sleeve offers the perfect protection for your Nokia A 300 thanks to Velcro and wool felt.

g.5 Nokia wallet – one for all.
The g.5 sleeve is a wallet and a smartphone sleeve at the same time. The sleeve offers a pocket for smartphones, such as Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 620 or Nokia Lumia 630 and beside that place for at least 12 credit or different cards.

Nokia sleeves love good material.

One thing is unchangeable. Design and material are naturally linked. We looked for the right material and we found it. Our leather is real, looks good and feels good as well. You will associate naturalness and warmth with the leather as well as strength and robustness, which is important for the protective function of the sleeve. The felt, used on the inside of the sleeve has the same protective function. Water- and temperature- resistant, felt is the perfect material to protect your Nokia smartphone against bounces.

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