Mousepad leather – simply well-rounded.

With this stylish mousepad next to the germanmade. docking station, your desk will appear to be a design table. Even more with you name engraved in the 4mm thick leather of this wonderful round mousepad. The best? It does not only look good, it feels even better.

Made from calf leather, as it should be. And natural caoutchouc underneath for a secure grip. This mousepad offers all you want and beside that – it smells good, just real leather.

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Simple but beautiful. The leather Mousepad

Working without a mousepad is possible, for sure, but working with one is a plus you do not want to miss. The question is - do you want real leather mousepad, black or red, a boon for eyes, hands and nose. Or one made from plastic. For the second choice – we are sorry. For the first one, you are at the right place. Just give us a call or order online and get your mousepad leather within four labour days.

The Mousepad gets its own name

The mousepad is a real eye catcher on your desk. Particularly if your name, logo or life motto is engraved. That is how everyone knows to whom the desk belongs. The perfect gift for your employees or partners. The best thing: You do see the leather accessories every day on your desk and as gift with the name of engraved, he or she will think at you at least once a day – if that is what you want. The germanmade. leather Mousepad is the solution you want.

More mice for your mousepad

The mousepad for every mouse. Every mouse will be happy to sit and roll on a mousepad made from real leather. If Apple, Logitech or Microsoft... the leather Mousepad will treat every mouse equally.

And that is where the Mousepad leather comes from

The mousepad leather is actually leather used for belts. But what does that mean. It means that the leather is particularly thick and stable but nevertheless it feels soft and smells good. The tannery we are working with is in the north of Germany. The natural caoutchouc underneath the mousepad is also produced in the north of Germany. The manufactory’s name is Gust. Finally in Düsseldorf everything comes together and Jan engraves your name, logo or whatever you want. That is how your mousepad gets one of a kind.

You want to know more? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email.