l'etolie etui Wallet for ladies

made from leather

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L'etoile etui Wallet at a glance

  • wallet for ladies
  • inside pocket with zip for your change
  • 6 pockets for at least 12 credit cards
  • 2 additional pockets for bills, paper and more
  • closing through a small stump
  • pure design, bag made from vegetable tanned leather
  • personalisation via engraving possible
  • handmade in Germany

Personalize your Wallet

You will probably hold your wallet once every day in your hands. A personal dedication, your name or the company’s logo will therefore stay in eye and mind. With a personal engraving l’étoile etui becomes distinctive and unique – like you.

L'etoile etui Clutch - Dimensions

Exterior dimensions: W 7.87" / L 4.33" / D 1.38"
Weight: roughly 2.99 oz.

Material of L’etoile etui Wallet

This wallet for ladies is made from vegetal tanned leather and crafted in a small manufactory in Düsseldorf. L’étoile etui convinces because of its pure design and turns out to be more spacious than expected. It feels good and looks noble. This wallet is the right choice for everyone who is searching for a purse besides the main stream.

Wallets with reason for ladies with high standards

Our demands regarding a wallet for ladies are high. It has to feel good, to look good and the allocation on the inside has to well thought off, as their must be enough space for all important and unimportant things ladies want to carry around.
Tatatata...L’étoile etui. Try it yourself.

The birthplace of l’étoile etui.

In a small manufactory in Duesseldorf Maggi will punch and sharpen the leather. She will grind and oil the edges of the wallet and finally put together all single parts and sew them. Last but not least she will put the small silver button into the leather. Now it’s time to polish the leather one last time and then the wallet is ready to go. Real workmanship.

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