iPhone 7 Plus docking station 


We do not only craft exquisite iPhone 7 Plus sleeves, cases and wallets from leather and wool felt but also stylish iPhone 7 Plus docking stations from wood.

They all are fairly produced, of course, and only FSC certified wood is used. That's what our name stands for just as a certain big food producer once said. Our name is our commitment. We know we cannot reach everybody with our products. However, we certainly reach all those we want to reach. People with heart and soul who place importance on sustainability and fairness as well as excellence, function and design.

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The germanmade. iPhone 7 Plus docking stations impress with their minimalist and elegant design. A modern look, rounded corners and a subtle combination of design and function offer your iPhone 7 Plus the perfect place to relax and charge. Our iPhone 7 Plus docking stations are crafted from a piece of birch multiplex and finished with high quality HPL coating. Four rubber feet on its underside ensure a secure stand and also protect surfaces from scratches. 

The iPhone 7 Plus is charged with a lightning cable that can easily be inserted from underneath the docking station. A rubber band keeps the cable in position.

Nothing wobbles while charging. As with all our products, we have taken all eventualities in account and milled a recess into the wood and HPL coating. Thus exposing the home button and allowing you to operate your iPhone 7 Plus comfortably. 


Our iPhone 7 Plus Tobago Dock is rather an iPhone stand than just a charging station. It does not only hold your iPhone 7 Plus but also your iPad Pro up to 9,7" as well as documents, the Apple pencil and more. It is a true all-rounder that is organising your desk as well as looking great. The iPhone 7 Plus Tobago Dock is manufactured from high quality solid wood such as walnut and oak.

4 rubber feet underneath the docking station ensure a secure stand and surface protection. If you require urgent help to put on your desk in order, then the Tobago Dock is the perfect docking station for you.


As will all our products, we are not penny pinchers either when it comes to the iPhone 7 Plus docking stations. The highest quality is as important to us as a fair and honest collaboration with our partner manufacturies. That's why we only use the best materials for our docks. 

For our classic dock, we solely use birch wood from sustainable forestry that is then manufactured into a sturdy and high quality multiplex.

Multiplex is particularly inherently stable and robust. The elegant HPL coating in black or white adds extra stability and a unique look. At our partner company at Lake Constance, each iPhone 7 Plus docking station is milled with millimeter precision and processed further. The final sanding and polishing happens at a workshop for people with disabilities. The rubber feet from natural rubber are attached here ensuring a firm hold on every surface. The lightning cable is kept in position by an EPDM rubber band. 

Our little organisation aid, the iPhone 7 Plus Tobago docking station, is only made from solid wood that is milled at first and then sanded and polished by hand. A whole piece of real wood. The finishing touch is an application of luxurious oil providing a distinctive look and character.

Due to the unique grain of each piece of wood, each docking station is a true original.


Our iPhone 7 Plus docking stations not only enhance each desk but they soon become indispensible for every iPhone 7 Plus owner. Once you have enjoyed the benefits of having one place for chatting, synchronising and conference calls you don't want to miss it again. It is also the ideal for promoting your brand message. This high quality product with your added company logo or motto will garner lots of attention and has a great recognition value.

Burning your company logo into the wood makes sure it stays on customers' and employees' minds.

By the way, we don't only offer customising solutions for our docking stations but for all of our sleeves, cases, wallets and lots more. Talk or write to us anytime: info@germanmadepunkt.de