g.5 iPhone 6s Wallet

Wallet meets iPhone sleeve

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iPhone 6s Wallet- the g.5 in detail

  • Perfect fit and protection for the iPhone 6s
  • The iPhone 6s Wallet is the perfect fusion of sleeve and wallet
  • The lining made from real wool felt adds excellent protection,
    the high quality cowhide on the outside offers a great feel
  • 6 slots for cash and credits cards
  • 2 side compartments- for your iPhone 6s and notes or papers
  • Personalise your iPhone 6s wallet by embossing or engraving your name
  • Hand-stitched in Germany
iPhone 6 Tasche in schwarzem Leder von germanmade.

Personalise your iPhone 6s Wallet

Just by using your iPhone 6s wallet, it will take on a beautiful patina and be truly unique. However, you can take it a step further and imprint the wallet with your initials, your name or motto. How does that work? You can personalise your iPhone 6s wallet by either embossing or laser engraving your name according to your preferences. Get creative! For more information take a look here or contact us directly. We are always happy to help: info@germanmadepunkt.de

g.5 iPhone 6s Wallet- the measurements

Outer dimensions: W 3,38“ / H 6,69“ / D 0,31“
Weight: approx. 2.86 oz.

iPhone 6s Wallet- it all depends on the right material

Good things come to those who wait. After a thorough search in order to find the perfect leather for our iPhone 6s Wallet, we finally found the ideal material. It is wonderfully fine, naturally tanned cowhide, available in four colours. Over time, it will become even softer and get a beautiful patina, turning it into a truly unique piece. The lining of the iPhone 6s wallet made from natural wool felt offers excellent protection from impacts, temperature changes and dampness.However, each skin absorbs the colour differently. Since genuine leather is a natural product, there can be slight colour deviations.

iPhone 6 Tasche in dunkelbraunem Leder von germanmade.

Our g.5 iPhone 6s Wallet does your promotion

Your company logo fits perfectly on our iPhone 6s wallet. How nice is it when the receiver of this present takes your promotional message to hand several times a day. We are happy to help implement your ideas and make the sleeves into extraordinary and personal presents for your clients and employees. The iPhone 6s wallet offers enough room to imprint your logo, the name of the receiver of the present or a personal dedication.
We provide individual consultation. Just ask us: info@germanmadepunkt.de

' My demands are simple: A really good sleeve has to be made from genuine leather. After all, each time I hold it the smell and feel should be a positive experience. It should also have the right colour since I look at it all day long, and the good wool felt is also an advantage. If it is also practical and easy to handle, all my requirements are already fulfilled. '

Frank Stephan, tekshrek.de

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