iPhone 6s sleeves 

iPhone 6s sleeves – a hand-stitched premium design and protection

The iPhone 6s: Are you also wondering what the 's' stands for? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Stylish? Special? We don't know. But what we do know is who made the iPhone 6s sleeves. We also know that all iPhone 6s Sleeves are crafted with lots of love and attention to detail. Sleeve after sleeve. The iPhone 6s sleeves areHand-stitched from vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt. We updated our top sellers for the iPhone 6s so you can become a fan as well.

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iPhone 6s sleeves- certainly well designed

Our iPhone 6s sleeves are security experts, they protect what you hold dear- your iPhone 6s. From impacts, temperature changes or dampness. There is also room for cards or notes in our iPhone 6s Sleeves.

The g.4 sleeve for the iPhone 6s has developed into our top seller. Justifiably. By means of a pull strap you take your iPhone 6s from its secure casing. The finest leather lined with real felt. It doesn't need more- our g.4 iPhone 6s sleeve.

The g.5 iPhone 6s wallet was designed for all who like to have iPhone 6s Sleeves where everything is within easy reach. With just one take, you have it all: iPhone 6s and wallet.

The g. case for the iPhone 6s is a true beauty. It intrigues with its clean design. If you flip it open, three card slots and a compartment for notes are revealed. The iPhone 6s stays firmly in place with an extra strong adhesive foil. Secure hold and clean form. That's all iPhone 6s Sleeves need.

The m.3 sleeve is unique. A real eye catcher with an unusual look. Crafted from sturdy leather, screwed together with chrome 6- free screws. It stands out from the other iPhone 6s Sleeves. But only because it looks different, it doesn't have to compromise on comfort. With the specifically designed mould, easy access and insertion is guaranteed. Solid and sturdy cowhide provides optimum protection. Did we already mention its good looks?

iPhone 6s Sleeves with heart and mind

We produce our iPhone 6s sleeves exclusively in Germany. We develop the design, select and purchase the material carefully and our partner manufactories in North Rhine Westphalia and Thuringia are crafting all iPhone 6s Sleeves - always by hand. Sleeve by sleeve. Always with the same precision, expertise and passion. We can guarantee consistent quality which otherwise is difficult to find in the sea of iPhone 6s sleeves.

Why are we producing this way? Simply because it makes sense.

Direct routes- means fewer lorries on the road.
Short processes- because it saves time, money and resources.
Well selected materials- exceptional quality for longevity. Thus less rubbish.
Material waste- Does not occur since we make new germanmade. products with it.
Local craftsmanship- sustains the German traditional craft industry.

iPhone 6s sleeves - just mine

You can personalise your iPhone 6s sleeves with your name, your initials, your company logo or a personal dedication. What ever your ideas are, we make them happen. With embossing or engraving and lots more. All according to your suggestions.
More questions? We are always happy to help: info@germanmadepunkt.de