iPhone 6s Plus docking station 

Simply dock on. The iPhone 6s Plus docking station

Each one of us needs a safe place. To calm down and recharge. The same is true for your iPhone 6s Plus. Our iPhone Plus dock is the perfect place for your phone to rest and recharge. It is simultaneously elegant and practical and a true eye-catcher on any desk.

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iPhone 6 Plus docking station: Convincingly clear design and high comfort

The clear lines and smooth surface of the iPhone 6 Plus docking station proceed the elegance of Apples new flagship with simple but optically convincing means. The dock thereby stands securely and stable on four slip-resistant rubber feet which always hold the dock in position. The big iPhone 6 Plus in our iPhone 6 Plus docking station is easily connected to the Lightning cable and easily held in position. Like this you can always keep an eye on the screen of your iPhone 6 Plus while your smartphone is charging or synchronizing in the iPhone 6 Plus docking station. There your smartphone is securely and stable held in the iPhone 6 Plus docking station in a way you can also operate in this position. Enabled by an appropriate trough in the wood you can easily reach the Home button so that you will be able to unlock the finger print sensor.

iPhone 6 Plus docking station: Handmade quality for that special something

The iPhone 6 Plus docking station is no ordinary object but more a true design element with best processing. For this reason a iPhone 6 Plus docking station is not only made by hand and processed but also refined by specialists. In accordance to your wish we engrave your name or other words on the surface of the iPhone 6 Plus docking station and individualize this shapely element even more. The stable and elegant processing and the clear layout of the line make the iPhone 6 Plus docking station an extremely functional and nevertheless elegant design element on every desk. Due to a high own weight and the rubber feet you can easily pull the iPhone 6 Plus out of dock without directly moving it or scratching the surface of the desk.

iPhone 6 Plus docking station: More than just an accessory for your smartphone

The iPhone 6 Plus docking station appeals especially to customers who wants to make a decision for that special something. Due to the quantity of individual operations and the high material quality the optics, haptics and especially functionality of the iPhone 6 Plus docking station convince all along the line. Convince yourself from our high quality standards and don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions: info@germanmadepunkt.de

iPhone 6s Plus docking station: A convincing and convenient design

The form elements of the iPhone 6s Plus are simple and convince with clean lines and elegant, soft curves. With our docking station for iPhone 6s Plus we continue these design elements: Clean lines and smooth surfaces shape the look of our docking station. It is made of a piece of birch multiplex and enhanced with a high quality HPL coating. Four rubber feet on the bottom ensure a secure position and also prevent scratches on any surface.
The lightning cable is comfortably inserted from underneath the docking station and is firmly held in place by an elastic band. The cable is lead backwards via a cable duct and is thus out of the way and out of sight.
A cleverly designed mould in the wood ensures easy access to the home button and therefore the iPhone can be operated while it is located in the docking station.

iPhone 6s Plus docking station: A high quality product made in Germany

Our docking station is a true eye-catcher on any desk, satisfaction is guaranteed. We strive for longevity in an ever faster evolving world, therefore the quality of our products is very important to us. Our partner at Lake Constance mills the docking station and then adds a high quality coating. In collaboration with St. Elisabeth Stift, a workshop for people with disabilities, the finishing touches are added. The docking station is polished by hand and lovingly packaged. Before we send the product off, it goes through our thorough internal quality control in order to ensure that your iPhone 6s Plus dock will completely satisfy your expectations on every level: visually, haptically & functionally.

Docking Station iPhone 6s Plus: A personalised accessory for your desk

Our iPhone 6s Plus docking station is eye catching and looks great on any desk. But a personalised version will be even more noticeable. With the help of the latest modern laser technique, we can imprint your name, your motto or your company name onto the docking station. Thereby you have a choice of 6 styles of writing. With a personalised iPhone 6s Plus dock, you will always know where and to whom it belongs. A personalised germanmade. product is also an excellent gift for colleagues or clients. We are happy to advise you. You find information about this here. Please write to us if you have any queries, suggestions or would like a personal quote. We are always happy to help: info@germanmadepunkt.de