iPhone 6s docking station 

iPhone 6s Docking Station- THE place for your iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s is always and everywhere part of the action. In order to constantly be ready for action, it needs a safe place where it can rest and charge its battery. Our iPhone 6s docking station is absolutely the best place for it. It is like a daily spa break for the iPhone 6s. No matter if it stands on the desk, the sideboard or on the bedside table, you can charge and sync your iPhone 6s in style everywhere. Simply germanmade.

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iPhone 6s docking station- made with love!

Our iPhone 6s docking station is made from birch multiplex, milled with great precision and finished with a high quality HPL coating in black or white. In order to ensure easy access to the home button, we designed a special mould.
The four, anti-slip rubber feet guarantee a secure stand on every surface and protect from any scratches as well.
And who is responsible for the impeccable craftsmanship of the iPhone 6s docking station? Achim and his team, our longstanding partner at the Lake Constance, are the people to talk to.
Further processing is taken care of by a workshop for disabled people, here the docking station is polished and packaged. Then it is send to us, where it remains until we receive your order upon which we will promptly send it to you. Finally its journey comes to an end where it has a new, loving home.

iPhone 6s docking station- all that and much more

Our iPhone 6s docking station offers the iPhone 6s a secure stand on your favourite table. Here it can do all the things it does so well: charge, sync & chat. It is so stylish you could almost forget its myriad of uses. Pure design, high quality materials and a firm hold. All of this ensures it is the perfect gadget for the iPhone 6s.
And shhhhh: it also works equally well with its bigger and smaller brother, i.e. also the iPad mini and iPad Air can be safely charged.

My iPhone 6s docking station- as I like it

The wood of the docking station is perfectly suited for engraving your name, that of your favourite auntie, your favourite club or motto. We can personalise your docking station by using the latest laser technique, all according to your ideas. Thus, making it unmistakably yours. Because one thing is for certain, where there is one, the next one isn't far...
You would like to receive more information? We are always happy to answer all your questions. info@germanmadepunkt.de