iPhone 6s cases 

iPhone 6s Cases- all natural

Sometimes it just has to be more. Our iPhone 6s is dear to us and not only because of this we like to know it's safe and sound. Since we take it to hand several times per day, the more protection the better. The feel is also very important. What looks good, should also feel good. We definitely achieved that with our iPhone 6s cases. Individually crafted iPhone 6s cases of the highest quality are produced in close collaboration with our manufactory and bookbinder.

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Lights! Camera! Our iPhone 6s Cases

Our iPhone 6s cases are the perfect fusion of design and function, available in classic linen as well as leather.

Our iPhone 6s flip case is available in two designs, one completely made from book linen or as combination from book linen and high quality cowhide. In order for the iPhone 6s to stay firmly in place, an adhesive foil with thousand little suction cups ensure a strong hold. Your iPhone 6s can easily be removed and inserted back into your case.

iPhone 6s case and wallet. Our g.case is an excellent arrangement of an iPhone 6s case and a wallet- handmade from finest cowhide. It secures and protects your iPhone 6s. In addition, it has 3 practical compartments for cash and credit cards and a pocket for notes or your papers.

iPhone 6s cases- well thought-out design

Our design focus is strongly on the elegant form elements of each gadget. It reflects its form and curves as well as offering comprehensive protection. The union of design, material and function is reflected in every iPhone 6s case. Perfectly implemented each time.

Modern design meets tradition: Our iPhone 6s flip case. The case is encased in either book linen or leather using traditional bookbinding craftsmanship. Inside, an ultra modern adhesive foil ensures an absolutely secure hold of your iPhone 6s.

Our iPhone 6s g.case plays with the slim silhouette of the iPhone 6s and surrounds it elegantly with high quality cowhide. The synthesis of iPhone 6s case and wallet guarantees plenty of space in your pockets and completely meets our design demands. Just as Dieter Rams said: 'Less is more.'

iPhone 6s case- name it

Our iPhone 6s cases are perfectly suited for personalising. Your favourite text, whether it is your name, motto or your company logo, can be embossed or laser engraved on your case. And so your iPhone 6s case will very quickly turn into YOUR iPhone 6s case.
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