iPhone 6 sleeves 

iPhone 6 sleeves made from leather - design and protection at once

The iPhone 6 had a huge impact on the market. We are sure that our iPhone 6 sleeves will also find countless fans. Therefore we adjusted our bestsellers for iPhone 6. Made from vegetable tanned leather and natural woollen felt, the iPhone 6 sleeves are the perfect protection for the new iPhone 6. Our manufactory produces with a lot of passion for details all iPhone 6 sleeves by hand and therefore guarantees best quality. You can feel it.

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iPhone 6 sleeves with heart and mind

Our iPhone 6 sleeves are 100% made in Germany. We deliver the Design, buy the raw materials ourselves and our manufacturing partners process every single product with passion and expertise – significantly by hand.

Why are we doing it like this? Easy, because it makes sense! Short ways. Direct communication. Quality you can rely on.

iPhone 6 sleeves – What are they able to do?

Our iPhone 6 sleeves focus on their main task. They protect. From impacts, temperature changes and humidity. Furthermore they offer space for other things you would like to carry around with you.

Our absolute bestseller is our g.4 sleeve for iPhone 6. A simple pull gets the device out of the safe sheathing. Simply made from finest leather and lined with real felt.

The g.5 wallet appeals to everyone who likes to have their things together. Just one grab and your phone as well your wallet are in your hand and you don’t have to look any further.

The m.3 sleeve for iPhone 6 is design and protection in one. A statement for design lovers.


Please personalize my iPhone 6 sleeves.

Our iPhone 6 sleeves offer optimum space for your name, your company logo or your life’s motto. Whatever it might be, we make it possible. We emboss or engrave and a whole lot more if that is what you are looking for.

You would like to know more about iPhone 6 sleeves? We are happy to answer your questions and to help you along. info@germanmadepunkt.de