iPhone 5 docking station 

Docked. Your iPhone 5 in a safe harbour. Our docking station.

This docking station is just simple and beautiful and easy to handle. Put your iPhone in the docking station and charging will be the easiest thing on earth. And at the same time your iPhone will look good. No more chaos on your desk. Everybody needs a place to rest and with the germanmade. docking station your iPhone 5 found its favourite place to get new energy.

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Well-planned. Functional. Beautiful. The iPhone 5 docking station.

One more time, perfectly and accurately milled – the germanmade. docking station for your iPhone 5. It just looks perfectly – your iPhone 5 in this docking station. Choose white or black and engrave your name. And then your desk looks just great and charging, synchronizing and chatting on facetime will be even more fun. This docking station made from birch multiplex is furnished with a noble high gloss finish in black or white, matching your device. The docking station stands safely by four small rubber feet. All functions are accessible. And for the homebutton we milled an extra space in the birch multiplex. Summary: let’s get started.

iPhone Docking station and gravure.

Even without your name, this docking station for your iPhone 5 looks perfectly on your desk. A real design product from germanmade. And it becomes an eye-catcher by doing one little thing – engraving something. What is about a funny idiom – It takes two to tango or a penny for your thoughts – or your name engraved. Company’s logo, everything will look good on this germanmade. docking station for your iPhone 5.

The Docking station keeps safely your iPhone 5.

Milled with precision, this docking station holds your iPhone 5 safely while it get new energy.

That is where the docking station comes from.

It had been Heiko, our product designer, who had the idea for this wonderful simple iPhone 5 docking station. The perfect wood was quickly found and a German manufactory to work with as well. The docking station is crafted at the Lake Constanze, Pristec is the company’s name. The first step is to coat the birch multiplex with a high gloss finish, in black or white. Afterwards, the docking station will be milled with precision. 20 km further, each docking station will be polished and wrapped. From the south of Germany, the docking station arrives at our place, ready to get bought. Everyone who wants to personalize the docking station needs a little bit more patience. Jan, the man responsible for engraving needs one day to put your name or a personal drawing on the iPhone docking station.

You want to know more? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email.info@germanmadepunkt.de
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