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Flip open, flip shut. - The Flip Case for the iPhone 5 with individual design

  • all functions accessible high quality calf leather sleeve
  • perfect hold and protection through rubber insert in black or white
  • closes safely with rubber band
  • can be personalised through embossing or laser engraving
  • handmade in Germany


Make your self-designed flip case even more personal. Place your name or a logo on it. How does this work exactly? Here you can find answers and suggestions. More Questions? We are happy to help you. info@germanmadepunkt.de


Exterior dimensions: W 2.44" / L 4.92" / D 0.59"
Weight: roughly 2.86 oz.


Exterior material either in traditional book linen soaked in natural resin, high-quality faux leather or certified leather, interior is book linen. The solid, yet light corpus perfectly protects the iPhone 5. Available in either white ot black.


An iPhone case becomes an eye-catcher with your company logo on it. A high quality gift for your employees and customers. Conservative or loud. We realise your request and are happy to give advice. info@germanmadepunkt.de

"Thank you for an additional very good product from you. After receiving my iPhone Dock and the Flip Case for my iPhone, I now also received my G1 for my iPad. Fantastic, I am not going to meet someone that easily who has a case like this. Just as good is the Flip Case for iPhone as I have never understood how someone could spend at least 600 Euros on a smartphone and then put it in a 9 Euro plastic cover."


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