iPhone XIR 

iPhone XRI accessories - sleeves, wallets and cases

There are a great number of iPhone XIR accessories available on the market. Anything goes, from a sparkly to a neoprene sleeve. There is something for everyone. But this is not good enough for us, to just produce another one of many iPhone accessories. We want to craft and sell products that we truly believe in and which are not second best to the remarkable design and quality of the iPhone 11R.

We solely use high quality materials and produce without exclusively in Germany. Many of our manufacturing processes are done by hand. That is very important to us. It makes the essential difference. Quality you can see and feel.

  • iPhone XIR Sleeves

    iPhone XIR sleeves – a hand-stitched premium design and protection

    The iPhone XIR: Are you also wondering what the 'R' stands for? Radiant? Radical? Randibambam? Real? We don't know. But what we do know is who made the iPhone XIR sleeves. We also know that all iPhone cover are crafted with lots of love and attention to detail. Sleeve after sleeve. The sleeves are Hand-stitched from vegetable tanned leather and natural wool felt. We updated our top sellers for the iPhone 11R so you can become a fan as well.

  • iPhone XIR Cases

    iPhone XIR Cases- all natural

    Sometimes it just has to be more. Our iPhone 11R is dear to us and not only because of this we like to know it's safe and sound. Since we take it to hand several times per day, the more protection the better. The feel is also very important. What looks good, should also feel good. We definitely achieved that with our iPhone XIR cases, wallets, covers and folios. Individually crafted iPhone cases of the highest quality are produced in close collaboration with our manufactory and bookbinder.

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