iPad mini docking station 

Docked. A docking station to fall in love.

Dock. Charge. Synchronize. The docking station for iPhone, iPad mini and iPad Air is an eye catcher on every desk. Simple but beautiful, made from birch multiplex. It does not only look good but holds your gadget safely.

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Well-planned. Functional. Beautiful. iPad mini docking station

One more time, perfectly and accurately milled – the germanmade. Ipad mini docking station. Just for you and your iPad mini, to create a safe place to charge, synchronize or for a chat on face time. This ipad mini docking station made from birch multiplex is furnished with a noble high gloss finish in black or white, matching your device. The ipad mini docking station stands safely by four small rubber feet. All functions are accessible. Even for the home button we milled an extra space in the docking station, already foreseen in the design process. And finally, you have the chance to burn your name or logo by laser into the birch multiplex.

Please personalize my iPad mini docking station

One thing is for sure. The germanmade. Ipad mini docking station will be an eye-catcher on your desk. With a personal engraving there will be no more question whose desk it is.

The docking station keeps safely...

... your iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6Plus, iPad mini or iPad Air. There is enough place for all these gadgets and nevertheless every gadget is safely and beautifully stored – but please one at a time.

And that is where the docking station comes from

It is our partner Pristec, near the lake Constanze, who is in charge of crafting the germanmade. Ipad mini docking station. The first step is to coat the birch multiplex with a high gloss finish, in black or white. Afterwards, the ipad mini docking station will be milled with precision. 20 km further, each docking station will be polished and wrapped. The ipad mini docking station will be personalized at Jan’s little place – he engraves your name, company’s logo or a personal drawing. Unique stays unique. You and your docking station.

You want to know more? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email.info@germanmadepunkt.de