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The g.1 iPad mini woodcase in focus – classic beauty and thought through to the smallest detail

  • perfect hold and protection by birch multiplex frame
  • surface coating in black or white
  • easy access to all functions
  • integrated stand within frame
  • activates the iPad's sleep/wake function
  • stable hold and easy insertion through rubber corners
  • secure closure with high-quality rubber band
  • stand in book cover and optional hole for rearview camera
  • modular composition, each part is interchangeable
  • can be personalised through embossing or laser engraving
  • 100% made in Germany
  • Please notice, iPad cases are not prefabricated and excluded from revocation


A germanmade. g.1 iPad mini Case can be turned into your personal unique one of kind in diverse ways beyond embossing your name. How does this work? Here you can find answers and suggestions. More Questions? We are happy to help you. info@germanmadepunkt.de


Exterior dimensions: W 5,87" / H 8,58" / D 0,75"
Weight: roughly 5.4 oz.


Real leather is a natural product. There might be slight colour variations since every hide takes up the colour differently.
Exterior material either in certified leather, interior is book linen. The solid, yet light corpus has several layers of birch and is finished with a glossy coating of high pressure laminate in black or white. Screws are chrome 6 free.


For all those companies that want more than a sleeve. We wrap your equipment in your corporate identity and consider your wishes and requirements during production. 100% manufactured in Germany. We provide competent and personal advice. info@germanmadepunkt.de

"The charm of this case is all in the design: Germanmade gives you the option of customising your own iPad mini case with a plethora of different colours."

Abi Legge, gizmodo.co.uk

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