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A perfect symbiosis between modernity and tradition. The germanmade. iPad Case stands out of the crowd and allows a high degree of individualization. Just personalize your iPad mini Case on your own – just do it yourself. Our busy hands do craft your personalized iPad mini Case. Within four days your unique product will arrive at your place. Joy guaranteed.

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Outside traditional. Inside modern. The iPad mini case.

The classical booklook is an absolute eye catcher. Technical finesse and all options for use had been naturally integrated in our design process.

That means: The Sleep-Wake function of your iPad mini / iPad mini Retina/ iPad mini 3 Case works properly. The case supports the sound system of your iPad mini through intelligent notches. The case clears the way for all important functions and protects your iPad mini / Retina reliable.

With our business variation - the g.2 iPad mini Case - we are heading one step further. The additional storage space under your iPad mini creates space for your iPhone 5 & Co – that’s how you have everything in one case for every meeting and the whole day.

Personalize your iPad mini Case – do it yourself.

Do it yourself – each iPad mini Case can be designed freely. Material, colour and frame can be chosen. An iPad mini case by germandmade. is no in-stock product but crafted from our bookbinder following your wishes. But that’s not even all: through embossing or engraving you have the possibility to put your name on your case – by doing so confusion will be impossible.

And the iPad mini case fits. Designed for iPad mini

Our iPad mini cases were designed in detailed processes to adjust to the needs of the iPad mini.

And that’s where our iPad mini cases come from

The germanmade. network covers the whole country. The journey starts at Achim’s place in southern Germany at the Lake Constance, where he shapes every frame. 20 kilometres further, you’ll find the St. Elisabeth Stift where all frames are sanded and cleaned. Frame and cover meet the first time in our office and are directly screwed. Each iPad mini case is crafted 100% by hand at our bookbinder’s place. He receives orders on a daily basis and chooses the material for your iPad mini case – book linen, leather or artificial leather.

Are you looking for an iPad mini Design Cases or do you want to know more? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email. info@germanmadepunkt.de