iPad mini 3 

iPad mini 3 accessories - sleeves, cases and docking stations

The large selection of iPad mini 3 accessories doesn’t make the search of good and high-quality products easier. Due to this reason we decided for the most important parameters for us, according to which we produce our iPad mini 3 accessories:

Function * Design * Material

Following this simple but yet effective formula we develop and produce our unique and high-quality iPad mini 3 accessories. We offer you the following products:

  • iPad mini 3 Case

    iPad mini 3 cases – the way you want it

    If your are looking for an individual case for your iPad mini 3 we can guarantee that you will find one right here. This is because for our iPad mini 3 cases we offer you the opportunity to choose from a large variety regarding of materials, colours and frames und therefore purchase something completely personal and unique. You can wrap your iPad mini 3 case in high-quality natural leather as well as artificial leather of book linen. Though on the inside of our cases we exclusively use book linen though you can choose between eight different colours.

  • iPad mini 3 Design Case

    iPad mini 3 design cases - classic book look, strong designs

    Our iPad mini 3 design cases offer various motifs on either book linen or leather. When it comes to the frame, you can still decide between a black or white HPL coating. The cases enable the Sleep-Wake function of the iPad mini 3, increase the sound quality and all functions are freely accessible.

    The sleeves are made from high-quality leather and natural wool felt and therefore offer the optimal protection and they just feel damn good.

  • iPad mini 3 sleeves

    Our iPad mini 3 sleeves – Always well protected

    We offer our customers iPad mini 3 sleeves in three different variations. Besides our absolute classic from high-quality leather and wool felt, we also offer a variation with zip closure, which completely surrounds the iPad mini 3 in a safe way. And the m.4 series makes an absolutely clear statement – design in its most beautiful shape. We thereby put our focus on absolute quality and best processing, so that our customers will directly notice the work that is put into every single iPad mini 3 sleeve.

  • iPad mini 3 docking...

    iPad mini 3 docking station - perfect eye-catcher for every desk

    The iPad mini 3 docking station is an eye-catcher on every desk. The combination of puristic design and high-quality materials perfectly matches the iPad mini 3. The robust birch multiplex stands firm on each desk and offers the iPad mini 3 a place to charge and synchronize.

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