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iPad mini 2 accessories at a glance – our cases, sleeves and docking stations

It is not always easy to find the right product for yourself out of a wide range of products. There are iPad mini 2 accessories in abundance. But it all depends on the right parameters. We have our relevant parameters set up to design the perfect accessory:

function * design * material

This formula is true for the whole range of iPad mini 2 accessories. This is how we design and produce. The following products are the outcome of this process.

  • iPad mini 2 Cases

    Create your own iPad mini 2 cases – Make it unique

    Our iPad mini 2 cases offer a considerable scope for your creativity. Choose between material, colour and frame. Our iPad mini 2 cases are either wrapped in high-quality calf leather, artificial leather or traditional book linen. On the inside of our case we always use book linen where a selection of eight different colours is possible. Also when choosing the colour for the frame, you’ll have the choice between black and white surface coating. We manufacture your iPad mini 2 case according to your wishes within 4 working days. And if you desire even a little more individuality, then we can emboss or engrave your name, a logo or your personal motto on your case.

  • iPad mini 2 Design Case

    iPad mini 2 design cases - classic book look, strong designs

    Our iPad mini 2 design cases offer various motifs on either book linen or leather. When it comes to the frame, you can still decide between a black or white HPL coating. The cases enable the Sleep-Wake function of the iPad mini 2, increase the sound quality and all functions are freely accessible.

    The sleeves are made from high-quality leather and natural wool felt and therefore offer the optimal protection and they just feel damn good.

  • iPad mini 2 Sleeves

    Noble in design and high protection: Our iPad mini 2 sleeves

    Also for the iPad mini 2 we offer our customers our classic, the iPad mini 2 sleeve made from durable high-quality leather in combination with smooth wool felt. Furthermore we also offer the practical ZIP sleeve which stores the iPad mini 2 securely due to a convenient zip fastener. As that special something our customer may find in the m.4 series a real design sleeve, which sets new standards in the area of design and quality for iPad mini 2 sleeves. You can feel the high quality of the material and excellent craftsmanship when you first touch our iPad mini 2 sleeves.

  • iPad mini 2 docking...

    iPad mini 2 docking station - perfect eye-catcher for every desk

    The iPad mini 2 docking station from stable birch multiplex offers a perfect and elegant place for your iPad mini 2 on every desk. The docking station convinces through the puristic design and a high-quality material selection.

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