iPad docking station 

iPad docking station

In contrast to many others docking stations, our iPad charging stations are 100% made in Germany. From the raw materials to the manufacturing, our whole range of iPad Pro accessories is handmade in Germany with traditional craftsmanship and great passion. Our docking stations are as unique as our customers because each wooden dock is a true original and has its own story to tell.

We source our wood from sustainable forestry. This is then it made into classy iPad products by German manufacturers.

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Our iPad docking station convinces with its decorative and puristic design from one solid piece of birch multiplex. In this elaborate process individual wooden layers are pressed and then glued crosswise. This creates the typical striped look of our iPad Pro dock.

Birch multiplex stands out due its great stability. After the wood has been glued providing it with greater strength and resistance, it is milled with millimeter precision, sanded and polished-and every single step is done by hand.

The HPL-coating, available in black and white, gives the dock its stylish look.

However, our docking stations for the iPad do not only look good but they are functional, too. Simply plug the original Apple charging cable (not included) in the designated opening and the iPad is charging elegantly. A EPDM rubber keeps the lightning cable in position. Not only the small iPad Pro can enjoy the unique charging power but all Apple devices can that have a lightning port, such as the iPhone SE, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s/6s Plus.

The charging station has a secure stand due to its feet made from natural rubber which are attached underneath the dock.




Our Tobago dock is a true eye-catcher for your desk. Made from a one solid piece of real wood, the dock is as unique as you are. The individual wood grain and texture is unique to each piece of wood and tells its own story. Thus each iPad dock is something special.

The dock station is milled, sanded and polished from a piece of solid wood. Then it is coated with high quality oil that gives it a great finish and its unique look. It offers plenty of space not only for the iPad Pro 9,7-inch but also documents, pens and more. Whether in oak, walnut or pear, the Tobago docking station enhances every desk.




You want to make the docking station for your iPad into an extra special charging station? No problem, we are happy to personalise the dock because the smooth surface is ideal for customising solutions. Employing the latest laser engraving technique, we can engrave your name, your company logo or words of your choice onto the docking station. This does not only provide it with more personal character but also enhances it visually. Thus your dock on your desk becomes a true statement.