m.4 iPad Air Sleeve with strap

Design. Protection. A statement. With strap.

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Die m.4 iPad Air Sleeve with Strap

  • Pure design. Clear lines. Simply different
  • easy handling due to grip which can be accessed from above and below
  • fitted protection in high quality, solid calf leather (belt leather)
  • headphone and charging port accessible inside the sleeve
  • adjustable leather strap
  • high wearing comfort due to broad shoulder piece
  • easy handling with carabiner
  • can be personalised with engraving
  • made in Germany
iPad Air Sleeve with strap

m.4 iPad Air Sleeve with Strap and engraving

The almost 0.16" thick calf leather is resilient and can only be personalised by laser engraving.
With precise details. You need advide? We are happy to help you info@germanmadepunkt.de

iPad Air Sleeve with strap


Exterior dimensions: W 7,76" / H 9,69" / D 0.59"
Weight: roughly 6.46 oz.


The m.4 iPad Air Sleeve with Strap is made completely from high quality calf leather. The sides are made from sustainable PE foam, which is connected to the leather parts with chrome 6 free screws. The screws disappear safely inside the foam in insert nuts made from brass.

You are looking for extraordinary protective sleeves or gifts for your employees or customers?

You are looking for pure, functional and high quality product design?

You are looking for a direct connection to a German manufacturer? We provide competent and personal advice. info@germanmadepunkt.de

"Someone who cares about extreme quality is going to appreciate this product. All products manufactured by germanmade. which I experienced until now are high-quality and durable. The m.4 Sleeve also meets these demands, there is no doubt about that."

Bernd, rosenblut.org

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