iPad Air docking station 

Docked. Finding a safe harbour for your iPad Air

With this docking station, your iPad Air looks even better. Simple but beautiful, made from birch multiplex and with a noble high gloss finish - just dock, charge and synchronize your iPad Air. This docking station on your desk is an eye-catcher you do not want to miss.

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Well-planned. Functional. Unique. iPad air docking station

You want to chat via Facetime – it will be easier once you parked your iPad air into the germanmade. docking station. We milled with precision, that is way your gadget stands safely in this docking station. This docking station made from birch multiplex is furnished with a noble high gloss finish in black or white, matching your device. Four small rubber feet prevent that your desk will be scratched. Besides that, all functions are, needless to say, accessible. For the homebutton we milled an extra space in the docking station. And finally, you have to chance to burn your name or logo by laser into the birch multiplex.

I want my name on the docking station

germanmade. makes it easy. Your name engraved in the docking station and everyone knows to whom the iPad Air belongs. Black or white, it doesn’t matter, this docking station looks good and even better with your name on it.

A docking station for everyone

The dockingstaition does not only fit the iPad Air, but also the iPad Air 2, iPad mini / iPad mini 2 / iPad mini 3, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus.

That is where the docking station is produced

Upon common consultation with our partner Pristec, we designed this wonderful docking station for iPad air. This German manufactory at the Lake Constanze coats the birch multiplex docking station with HPL and mills every single docking station with precision. Wrapped and polished by the St. Elisabeth Stift in the south, the docking station arrives at our place. In Düsseldorf, Jan finally engraves your name or more into the birch multiplex before the postman will be on his way to your place.

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