iPad Air Cases

Best iPad Air case scenario

The germanmade. iPad Air cases are a real symbiosis between modernity and tradition. In this book look case your iPad Air is safely stored. Individualize your iPad Air case – choose the material, leather, artificial leather or book linen and the colour you wish. In cooperation with the bookbinder we will produce your personalized iPad Air case within four labour days.

The iPad Air case. Outside traditional. Inside modern. A Unicom.

Well planned to the last detail. The iPad Air case is the quintessence of three years experience. Experience in designing the perfect case for your iPad Air. The result: The case does not only support all functions of your iPad Air, but hides also some special finesse.
The sleep & wake function is supported by the g.1 iPad Air Case and because of the intelligent design the case supports the sound system of your iPad Air. All important functions are freely accessible but your gadget is nevertheless safely stored.
The g.2 iPad Air Case is the corresponding business variation. This case offers enough and additional space for your iPhone 5, business cards and your pen. That’s how you are steeled for a hectic day at work.

iPad Air Case: designed by you. Do it yourself.

It’s your choice. Choose the material: leather, artificial leather or book linen. Choose your colour – there are a lot. Choose the frame. Your iPad Air case will be crafted individually and just for you. Embossing or engraving is possible - your name, logo or a personal drawing. Just let us know and we will start producing your individual case.

Designed for iPad Air.

The cases are accurately milled; your iPad Air fits perfectly.

Inner values – important also for iPad Air cases.

The iPad Air Case is a product for people with heart and reason. It is the perfect protection for your iPad Air, which will be produced in sustainable and fair way. However function is of course thought of.

And that is where the iPad Air cases come from.

The germanmade. network spans the whole country. Achim lives and works in the south of Germany, near the Lake Constance. He mills and examines every frame, these frames are sanded and cleaned at the St. Elisabeth Foundation. It’s in Düsseldorf where the outside material and the frames meet for the first time at our bookbinder place, just around the corner. Frames and book covers are screwed and a real 100% handmade product is crafted. Made in Germany.

You want to know more or are interest in our iPad Air Design Cases? We are happy to help. Just call or write an email.info@germanmadepunkt.de