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iPad Air 2 bag – The important facts at a glance

  • iPad Air 2 bag from high quality leather
  • reduced design with various usage possibilities
  • removable pocket for smartphones, charging cable, etc.
  • high quality zip closure with polished teeth on two sides
  • inside protective lip in front of zip closure.
  • iPad Air 2 bag customizable via embossing or engraving
  • 100% made in Germany
iPad Air 2 bag in black leather with zipper on two sides.

An iPad Air 2 bag only for me

Just to make sure that this iPad Air 2 bag belongs to you, we also take it one step further. We emboss or engrave your name, your initials or the philosophy of your life in the bag. First information and ideas you will find here. If you need further assistance, we are happy to help along. Just mail us:

iPad mini 2 Tasche – die Maße

Outer dimensions: W 10.43” / L 8.19” / D 0.79”
Weight: approx. 9.27 oz

iPad Air 2 + (function * design * material) = iPad Air 2 bag

Real leather is a natural product. There might be slight colour variations since every hide takes up the colour differently.
The design is inseparable from the material. We took some time to look for the right leather, which also feels like that and you will have the association of naturalness, warmth and smoothness but at the same time conveys structure and robustness.The leather is already a piece of life and with every usage it will become absolutely unique as it carries the signs of its owner. If it were up to us it would also be longer than the duration of one hardware cycle. Also the high quality eight millimetre extra wide zip closure with polished teeth promises long-lasting joy.

iPad Air 2 bag in brown leather with zipper on two sides.

An iPad Air 2 bag as an advertising media for your company

Whether for customers or employees an iPad Air 2 bag is the der optimal advertising media for your company logo. With every touch of the tablet identification with your business take place. The sleeve made from high quality leather is a real eye-catcher for business partners as well as customers. Additionally you will be able to fit everything in, you will need for your next appointment. Are you in need of an individual offer? Contact us and we will be happy to consult:

"The outside of the sleeve is made of real leather with a beautiful stitching to compliment it perfectly. The inner lining is a colored felt that surrounds the device with a soft and luxuriousness feel, protecting it from scratches nicely while in transit, and keeping it clean as well...Overall, I was greatly impressed with the germanmade iPad Air Sleeve, just has I have been with all products under the germanmade name."


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