iPad Air 2 docking stations 

Important facts about our iPad Air 2 docking station

Docking, Charging, Synchronization. The iPad Air 2 docking station offers your iPad a permanent place and additionally decorates your desk. The docking station convinces with a puristic appearance combined with the best material selection.

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Best materials for our iPad Air 2 docking station

We produce our iPad Air 2 docking station exclusively from stable birch multiplex. Due to crosswise gluing and a good pressing it becomes extremely dimensionally stable and therefore offer your iPad Air 2 a safe and stable hold. The recess for the iPad Air 2 and the lightning cable are milled with millimetre wise precision and polished. A stable high-pressure laminate coating on the surface gives the iPad Air 2 docking station a noble character and a formative appearance. The cable for the Lightning connector is held in position safely with the help of an EPDM rubber.

The iPad Air 2 docking station easily individualized

The smooth surfaces of the Air 2 docking station almost sends a written invitation for an individualisation. With the most modern laser engraving we are able to engrave with respect to your wish your name, your company’s logo or the quote of your choice on your iPad Air 2 docking station. This does not only provide your iPad Air 2 docking station with an even more individual character but also additionally improves the optics clearly. Like this your docking station turn on your desk into a real statement.

Also ideal for companies: The iPad Air 2 docking station

If companies respectively their employees are working a lot with the iPad Air 2 the work should be designed as efficiently as possible. The dock offers a safe stand for your device on your desk. Customize the design of the iPad Air 2 docking station completely according to the company’s corporate identity or for example engrave the company logo on the docking station. Like this the iPad Air 2 docking station are a piece of the work place and a useful advertising space for visits of customers or competitors. 

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