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Matching iPad Air 2 accessories according to your wishes

The market for iPad Air 2 accessories is flooded. But more and more customers are looking for that special something, which stands out from the crowd. Due to this reason we are producing our iPad Air 2 accessories according to the highest quality criteria and exclusively in real manual labour. We offer the ideal combination between function, design and material to be able to satisfy all of our customers to the utmost.

  • iPad Air 2 Cases

    iPad Air 2 cases – highest security for your device

    We do not only pay attention to a sustainable and appealing design for our iPad Air 2 cases but naturally especially to the security of your device. Our iPad Air 2 cases offer you the possibility to choose from a large selection of various materials and colours and therefore completely create your individual case. We hereby only exclusively process high quality materials like selected cow leather, artificial leather or book linen as well as stable and secure birch multiplex.

  • iPad Air 2 Design Cover

    Functionality and design perfectly combined: Our iPad Air 2 cover

    In cooperation with contemporary artists we created something truly unique for our customers. Our iPad Air 2 covers therefore convince through their sophisticated and high functionality as well as through their unique design and their appealing effect. Our iPad Air 2 design covers for highest demands through best processing and various motifs on leather or book linen.

  • iPad Air 2 sleeves

    iPad Air 2 sleeves from finest leather

    Our customers have the opportunity to decide between three variations when it comes to our iPad Air 2 sleeves. Besides our classic and bestseller, the sleeve from high quality leather and wool felt, we also offer our customers an iPad Air 2 sleeve with zip closure, which offers besides the good protection also additional space for accessories. For all free spirits among our customers we also have that special sleeve in our range. The m.4 sleeve for iPad Air 2 is already a statement on its own. Therefore our customers may decide completely according to their taste when it comes to our iPad Air 2 sleeves since the quality of our iPad Air 2 sleeves will always have highest priority. And that is something you can also feel.

  • iPad Air 2 docking...

    Important facts about our iPad Air 2 docking station

    Docking, Charging, Synchronization. The iPad Air 2 docking station offers your iPad a permanent place and additionally decorates your desk. The docking station convinces with a puristic appearance combined with the best material selection.

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The iPad Air 2 accessories for all application areas

iPad Air 2 accessories: Our absolute classic
The iPad Air 2 case in the traditional book look is our absolute classic. It really looks noble, has a nice touch and protects your gadget from any damages.

iPad Air 2 accessories: Art and protection
These two components unify our iPad Air 2 Design cases, which are manufactured in cooperation with contemporary artists from Germany.

iPad Air 2 accessories: A slim sleeve
High-quality and stable leather in combination with protecting wool felt: The iPad Air 2 sleeves are our absolute bestseller in the area of iPad Air 2 accessories and convince through their noble design and their high protective effect.

iPad Air 2 accessories: A statement
Our exclusively manufactured m.4 Sleeve for the iPad Air is not only a real eye-catcher but also offer highest protection and ease of operation.

iPad Air 2 accessories: Show teeth
Our ZIP sleeve with zip closure offers the iPad Air 2 a home and more than that space for charging cable and important documents.

iPad Air 2 accessories: A safe place on your desk
Easier chatting, charging and synchronization is enabled for iPad Air 2 with our practical docking station, which know how to convince with its puristic and elegant optics on every desk.

Our iPad Air 2 accessories: Perfect unification of material and processing

We put highest emphasis on the selection of fitting materials for our iPad Air 2 accessories. Both the functionality as well as the sustainability of the raw materials is something that is really important to us. Whether high-quality leather, natural wool felt, best book linen or wood elements from stable birch multiplex: All of our materials are most suitable for their tasks and offer its user a pleasant feeling right with the first touch.

Where our iPad Air 2 accessories come from

germanmade. has developed a large network partner companies over the years, which manufacture the desired products completely according to our own demands. The leather is manufactured and processed in our manufactory in Apolda, while the wood and all related work take place at Lake Constance. Finally the components of all the iPad Air 2 accessories are joined in Düsseldorf and therefore are completely Made in Germany. Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding our iPad Air 2 accessories, then feel free to contact us via the following e-mail address: info@germanmadepunkt.de