iPad 2/3/4 Cases 

Best iPad case scenario

germanmade. = tradition and modernity = iPad Cases. Carefully chosen material, lovingly crafted individual iPad cases, that’s what we offer. Just choose your colour, your material, your frame – it’s your choice and your iPad case. Each iPad case will be crafted within four days. And then you can enjoy your iPad case, crafter following your wishes with well-chosen material and quality.

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Attention attention: The germanmade. iPad Case

What they are good for: They protect, they are an eye catcher and they impress with these little important details and the fair production cycle.
There are to variations of the iPad case, depending on the integrated frame:
The g.1 iPad Case is our basic one. Supports the sleep-wake function of your iPad, improves the sound, opens the way for every important function of your gadget and protects your iPad safely and reliable.
The g.2 iPad Case is the germanmade. solution for your business days. Underneath the iPad, we designed a space for more. Your iPhone 5, business cards and a pen. That way you are steeled for every meeting.

Design your individual iPad Case. Do it yourself

In our configurator you can individually design your iPad Case. You choose between vegetal tanned calf leather, traditional book linen, artificial leather and a big range of colours. It’s your choice. You want a camera hole, typing stand in the case cover – no problem. You can choose everything individually. Next question: black or white. These are the colours of our frames and as each iPad case is manufactured individually it is your choice as well. Step by step we are designing your iPad case with you. The iPad case becomes even more distinctive by embossing or engraving your name, logo or an individual drawing.

Cases designed for iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4

The dimensions of each iPad generation are so similar, that our cases are accurately measured and that is the reason why they perfectly fit.

Inner values of your iPad Case

We want more than produce and design iPad Cases. Important for the society is as well: way of production, materials chosen, location of production and last but not least our germanmade. design. We do have a holistic approach regarding our design process. We do carry out every detail by ourselves. germanmade. as promised.

And that is where the iPad Cases are coming from

Each iPad case is crafted 100% in Germany, by hand. All frames are milled at the Lake Constance and sanded and polished at the nearby St. Elisabeth Stift in the south of Germany. Once the frames arrived in Düsseldorf, outside and inside meet the first time at our bookbinder’s place. Each iPad cover can be individually designed in our office. This is how every case becomes unique. Like you.

You want to know more? Questions or suggestions. Just contact us: info@germanmadepunkt.de