Sleeves and sleeves and even more sleeves..

There are a lot of sleeves on the market protecting your HTC gadget. A lot of things the costumers have to think of. That is way we thought of three relevant aspects regarding the perfect smartphone sleeve.

Function * Design * Material

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Our sleeves for HTC gadgets.

g.1 HTC Sleeve - Back to Basic.
Our g.1 sleeve is the most basic sleeve protecting your HTC Desire 500. The direct insertion without strap and the thin lining from velour promise a lank sleeve to protect your gadget safely.

g.2 HTC Sleeve – For crazy birds.
This sleeve offers protection in landscape format. This way a quick access is guaranteed once your HTC Desire X is ringing. But more. The sleeve offers enough space for cards or bills because of a thin attached front pocket.

g.4 Sleeve for HTC – Just pull the strap.
Just pull the strap and you will hold your HTC One M7 or HTC One M8 in your hand. This sleeve guarantees and offers a quick access because of its strap. A thin attached front pocket offers additionally space for credit cards and bills.

g.5 Wallet and Sleeve combined – one for all.
The g.5 sleeve is a wallet in which your smartphone will safely be stored. The wallet offers enough place for your ie g.5 HTC Desire 500 or HTC Desire X besides its function as wallet, meaning space for credit cards and bills.

Only the best material for your HTC gadget.

Used material and design are naturally linked – that is at least what we are thinking. We looked quiet some time for the right leather to protect your smartphone and we found it. It feels and smells good, like real leather. It becomes more beautiful with the time. The costumer associates warmth and naturalness with the leather and at the same time its structure is strong enough to protect your smartphone safely. The natural wool felt is temperature- and water-resistant - an additional protective aspect. germanmade. only uses the best material to protect your HTC.

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