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g.4 HTC One M8 Sleeve – facts, facts, facts

  • a perfectly adjusted sleeve for HTC One M8 Sleeve
  • HTC One M8 Sleeve, made from high quality calf leather in four different colours
  • lining made from soft wool felt for extra protection
  • pocket for bills and / or credit cards
  • simple iPhone removal with pull strap
  • embossing or engraving make the HTC One M8 Sleeve sleeve unique
  • handmade in Germany

The HTC One M8 Sleeve sleeve with your name

We make your HTC One M8 Sleeve sleeve your completely personal product; we emboss your name onto it, engrave your life’s personal motto or symbol on your sleeve. How does it work? Here you can find some information and suggestions how your HTC One M8 Sleeve Sleeve truly becomes unique. Or just get in touch with us, we would like to help along: info@germanmadepunkt.de

HTC One M8 Sleeve sleeve – dimensions

Outer dimensions: W 3,78” / L 6,77” / D 0,27”
Weight: approx. 2,12 oz.

HTC One M8 Sleeve - Material and design inseparably

Real leather is a natural product. There might be slight colour variations since every hide takes up the colour differently.
Our designs are inseparably from our material. Clear lines call for a robust material. We produce our HTC One M8 Sleeve from finest calf leather. The sleeves in four different colours are a true flatterer. When in use the leather gains a wonderful patina and therefore carries the signs of its owner. For the safe protection the sleeve for HTC One M8 is lined with natural wool felt. This does not only protect from impacts but also from temperature changes as well as humidity. The red contrast stitching gives the iPhone 6 Plus leather sleeves a unique look.

OurHTC One M8 Sleeve as a B2B instrument

Your employees have just been equipped with the HTC One M8 Sleeve but the devices are not sufficiently protected yet? Or you are just looking for an individual gift for customers and employees? Then we will be the right partner for you. Use the HTC One M8 Sleeve sleeve as an advertising space. Identification with your company with every phone call. We would also like to produce other high quality products according to your company’s corporate identity. Just mail us: info@germanmadepunkt.de

"Admittedly the germanmade. products are no real bargain - but as so often in life it is true that everything good has it’s price. And as „good“ can the in Germany produced products by germanmade. at least be classified."

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