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g.book blank notebook

One say, a notebook is a piece of brain - The g.book notebook saves your ideas and entries, no matter whether important or unimportant. It cannot crash, it does not need a battery and it does not break if it falls down. And the more beautiful a notebook the more you would like to use it. Our g.book notebook is beautiful. Do you need one for each sphere of your life? Or do you collect all of your notes in one? This is all up to you. The g.book notebook is easily extended as well as combined.

g.book blank notebook – with heart and reason

Our g.book blank notebook is 100% handmade in Germany. For this we only use ink-resistant, smoothed, aging-resistant natural paper, which is ideal for handwriting. Turning the page gently is just as wonderful as opening it up.

The dimensions of our g.book blank notebook

Outer dimensions: 4.53” x 8.27” x 0.2”
Weight: approx. 2.2 oz.

g.book blank notenook – What is it capable of?

Our g.book blank notebook is completely adapted to the needs of people who are writing by hand. Therefore our paper is ideal for all kinds of entries, for fast transcripts or sketches as well as for brainstorms whether of constructive or design nature. Pencil and pen slide astonishingly fast over the pages and leave a clean typeface. Pen and ball pen ink will be taken up contoured and does not run. Pen fans get what their money is worth.

"A modular notebook that feels good, smells very good, still develops itself over time and becomes more and more your personal organizer. For everyone who is looking for a beautiful organizer, which adapts to ones own needs, is exactly right at the g.book!"

Markus, zoomlab.de

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