g.book annual overview 2020

The year 2020 at a glance

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g.book annual overview

Two months at a glance. You will have the complete year (in English daily and monthly notation) on 20 pages. Handy and clearly arranged you can easily use the g.book annual overview to keep all of your important dates together.

Annual overview 2018

g.book annual overview – with heart and reason

Our g.book annual overview for our g.book organizer is 100% made in Germany. For our g.book annual overview we therefore only use ink-resistant, smoothed, chlorine free bleached, aging-resistant natural paper, which is perfectly fitting for handwriting. We connect elegant design, careful manufacturing with environmental awareness and social responsibility.

The dimensions of our g.book annual overview

Outer dimensions: W 4.53" / L 8.27" / D 0.2"
Weight: approx. 0.81 oz

g.book annual overview – What is it able to do?

The paper for our g.book annual overview is ideal for handwriting. It is perfectly suited for notes of all kinds for dates, birthdays or diary entries. Pen and ball pen ink will be taken up contoured and does not run. Pencil and pen slide wonderful easily over the sides and leave a clean typeface. All inlays for the g.book organizer are easily and quickly changed.

"A modular notebook that feels good, smells very good, still develops itself over time and becomes more and more your personal organizer. For everyone who is looking for a beautiful organizer, which adapts to ones own needs, is exactly right at the g.book!"

Markus, zoomlab.de

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