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Lace Shopper details

  • The Lace Shopper is made from robust real leather
  • Exclusive, vegetable tanned cowhide
  • Volume adjusts itself to its content
  • The lattice structure results from the most modern technology
  • The fit derives from the extraordinary design
  • 2 extra long leather belts enable easy carrying over should or in hand
  • 100% made in Germany
Lace Sleeve MacBook in schwarzem Rindsleder

Lace Shopper – bag with a twist

The mass of shoppers and bags on the market can be pretty overwhelming and we can definitely understand the following question – who needs more shoppers?
Our answer: The Lace Shopper most certainly deserves a place in shopper heaven. It revolutionizes the idea and the form of the shopper.
The Lace Shopper breaks with traditional clichés and gives the robust base material - 4mm strong cow leather – a completely new structure. Like this a clearance of density and transparency is created. Let yourself be seduced by the Lace Shopper.

Lace Sleeve MacBook - Must Have aus Leder

Lace Shopper – the dimensions

Außenmaße: W 11.61" / H 11.61" / T 0.31"-0.98"
Gewicht: ca. 17.28 oz

Material of our Lace Shopper

It does not take much to create true innovation. For our Lace Shopper exclusively high-quality vegetable tanned leather is used. Through the processing with the most modern technology, the 4 mm strong material gains a completely new structure as well as fit. The Lace Shopper has an almost lacy optic, which expands or collapses in accordance to the contents of the bag.
Real leather is a natural product. There might be slight colour variations, since every skin takes up the colour differently.

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