Valentine's key ring set "aWEsome"

A perfect couple

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The Valentine's Key Ring Set at a glance

  • keychain crafted from vegetable tanned cowhide
  • with a good grip and easy to find in any bag
  • easy handling with a snap hook
  • handmade with passion in Germany
  • the set consists of a red long and a black medium-long key chain
  • a perfect present for Valentine's Day with the engraving "You + Me = aWEsome"

Valentine's Leather Key Ring Set - true love

Chocolate truffles and flowers perish quickly. They are gone after only a short while. This is not the case for our Valentine's key ring set. The robust leather will endure and become beautifully supple over time. Just like true love.

Valentine's Leather Key Ring Set - dimensions

Medium (black) length: W 0.79"/H 5.19"/ D 0.24" Weight: roughly 0.05 lbs

Long (red) length: W 0.79"/H 8.54"/ D 0.24" Weight: roughly 0.07 lbs

What's special about our gift for Valentine's Day

Friendship bracelets are history. And rings? Too obvious! However, a key ring made from the finest vegetable tanned cowhide with the engraving "You + Me = aWEsome" says it all. It might also be an ever so subtle hint for moving in together, unless you are sharing a home already. In any case, it is definitely the most beautiful alternative to roses and chocolates. And it will keep its owner happy forever. Any questions?


We also love your business and could emboss or engrave our key chains with your company logo. So you are always in sight. Sounds good? We will be happy to advise you. More information here.

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