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The leather clipboard at a glance

  • High-quality real leather and heavy duty book linen
  • Very strong nickel-plated yoke clamp for up to 100 sheets / 80g
  • Best suitable for DIN A4
  • Puristic design
  • Handmade in Germany
clipboard leather

Clipboard – the material

Our clipboard is manufactured according to traditional bookbinding craft. The stable board is wrapped in high quality real leather in either black or dark brown and durable book linen. The leather, which is used, is treated with natural tanning agents, oiled and therefore as smooth as silk. With all these properties, its user holds in hand a real hand caresser. Real leather is a natural product and this may therefore lead to slight colour variations as each skin takes up the colour differently. We use in natural resin soaked book linen for the front of our clipboard. This material is very resilient and can easily be clean with a moist cloth. The nickel-plated yolk clamp is especially strong and durable. The clamp is from German production. It is absolutely rustproof and therefore offers long lasting joy.


W 8.86" / H 12.6" / D 0.1"
Weight: approx. 11.18 oz
Filling level: approx. 0.79"

Our clipboard from leather for an elegant appearance

The leather clipboard has a stabile basic body from thick bookbinding board and is therefore best suitable for the professional application. The board will be wrapped in high-quality leather and on the inside then finished with book linen. The used book linen is soaked in natural resin and therefore is very resilient and can easily be cleaned with a moist cloth, just in case one line might slip next to the paper. Our two pieces from leather and book linen are bonded to each other and therefore result in an even better stability. To be able to offer elegant optics the mechanics are completely wrapped. The yolk clamp from stainless steel makes what she does best. She holds your writing pad securely on the clipboard.

clipboard brown and black

The clipboard as an ideal advertising media

An advertising message should be connected with a high-quality product. Our clipboard therefore offers the ideal advertising space for your message or your company logo. On the construction site, local on-site visits or in lectures and presentations - the connection to your business is given at any time. Your logo can either be burned into the leather via laser engraving or as an embossing pressed into the leather or book linen. We are happy to make you an individual offer and consult you competently. Feel free to contact us: info@germanmadepunkt.de

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